Sunday, October 12, 2014


An early wake up call came in at 2am today as d-in-love who was alone in her house while #1 son and g-son were at scout camp called after being woke up by a sheriff car shining a spot light all around her house.
She said he then stopped on the other side of the bridge and got out with a flash light looking all around.  She called the sheriff's office to see what was going on and was told there had been a car break-in just up the road from us on a road called Sugar street, there had been gun shots fired and the suspect ran.   She was told to lock her doors and stay inside. 
After she called back and told us what was going on, hubbie drove the van down and picked her up to come here and sleep on our couch.
I listened to the scanner about the search until I finally drifted off to sleep around 4am. 
When we woke this morning, hubbie took her back home and went in with her to check out her house. Finding everything fine he came home to get ready for church.
During chores I was more aware of all the unlocked and locked sheds but noticed nothing out of the ordinary.
While I ate breakfast another call came in on the scanner just out the road from the first car break-in last night that a residence had both their cars broken into overnight.
We received no word that the suspect had been apprehended.
I told several of our neighbors about this while at church so they could be on the look out.
Church was great today as two young men that grew up in our church with my son's were ordained as Deacons. This is Ryan Casto and wife Cassy and Mat Dalton and wife Claudia.
 All the older ordained Deacons prayed over these young men and wished then the best, hubbie is in the blue shirt.
After the service we had a lunch of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixins.
Everyone made it to lunch except #2 son who is in SC golfing.  I suppose where it isn't raining !
It has rained here all day only a light rain but with the temperature in the low 60's it makes it a very raw day outside leaving another 3/10ths inch of rain in the gauge by this evening.
Since none of us got much sleep last night including #1 son and g-son up at the scout cabin and Rebekah has to work tonight at he hospital, this rainy Sunday afternoon was a great time to catch up on all our sleep.
Speaking of the weather, all of a sudden this almost non-existant Atlantic hurricane season has come alive with the "F" and the "G" named storms both forming , but luckily turning back out to sea away from us.

#2 son came by after golfing to pick up his winnings from last night and his two steak dinners.
We told him about last night's trouble as he just lives up the road from the area also but his truck stays in his garage.
After chores and a light supper I caught up on some paperwork.  September is now in the books and it was an okay month of sales except my profit percentage dropped another percent with the rising prices of all my supplies.  I raised the price of my pound cakes $1 starting the first of this month to see how much difference that will make.  Quarterly taxes have to be filed so I now have the figures to do that this next week.
I also registered on the Walmart site tonight for their new "savings catcher" program.  If you register with them, you put in the numbers from your Walmart receipts, up to 7 a week, and they automatically compare the price you paid for your purchases against all other prices at all stores in your area and then give you a gift card with the difference in price on it every time you pay more at Walmart than it can be bought somewhere else for.
This is a better way to get their "price check" price on the things you buy. Before you had to ask for the comparison , now it is automatic when you register your receipt.

When I was looking for decade pictures the other day I found that my Aunt Winnie Pryor who I talked about in last month's blog post ,who was the artist, was born on October 17,1894.
This was Aunt Winnie.
She died in child birth of her first child. Her loving husband who was a rock mason laid this beautiful  grave site in tribute to her and their love.

She must have been a special lady as I heard my dad only say great things about her in the 26 short years he knew her, he was born in 1901 and was her youngest brother.
Thankful tonight for a wonderful relaxing Sunday and for a wonderful church family who is caring and supportive in every way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

That is some scary news about the car break ins. Sure hope they catch the perpetrators. I've noticed prices increasing on everything around my area. Sure hard to live on a budget these days. Blessings