Monday, October 27, 2014


Whew !!! what a busy day but with sore muscles I have a really good accomplished feeling tonight as three things got marked off our "Fall to do"  list today.
After chores the first fall duty we did was go vote.  Our county opened up another early voting site at a community center not far from us at all so we headed over there to see how long the line was. Each time we have early voted in the past we have had to stand in a line, some longer than others but always a line.
To our surprise there was no line and we went in, signed in, voted and left in about 5 minutes.  There was a steady stream of voters but not enough to make a line with the amount of machines they had.
We left with our stickers but no where to go to show them off.
Back home , hubbie gave Bernie and Dolly a bath while I got laundry started then it was on to the number two "fall duty".
We always wash the sunroom windows in the Fall because we do a lot of sitting out here in colder weather. We got the inside done and had lunch before tackling the outside. Hubbie removes the screens and washes them while I wash the windows.
 After stumbling around a bit continuing my clumsyness from last week I was told to stay off the ladder, haha.  I didn't argue as I tripped over the vacuum cord about the time hubbie was saying that.
It always amazes me how much brighter things look in the sunroom after the windows and screens are washed.  You don't realize how dirty they are until a few are washed for comparison.
 This job took until about 3:30 and we figured we had time to tackle task number three.

Potato digging !!!
Little E L  thought this job looked like a lot of work !!!

The potato crop was a good one this year along with most of our other crops, we ended up with six buckets and some really nice sized baking potatoes.
All the work done for the day and now it's playtime !!!!!!!!   Yay !!!!
She has discovered running !!!!!!!

Another beautiful but summer feeling day today as temperatures soared into the mid 70's  with bright sunshine.
The garden has served us well this year. The only thing left in it now is some turnips, which I sauteed some for my supper and they were really good , and some kale greens which I am feeding to the quail and  chickens because they are covered with those dreaded white flies.
As the three of us ate supper tonight after Re went to work at the hospital I thought how perfect this day has been and how perfect this time of year is.  Not to hot , not to cold and the world seems to be sighing a restful sigh as the end of the growing season is here and the harvesting is coming to an end.
Now all nature awaits a dormant time of rest before the process begins all over again next spring.
Aa picked up little E L and I finished and ordered the 10th volume of my blog book. Wow 10 volumes that is 5 years of blogging as I make a book every 6 months.  I am already enjoying the previous books as I look back to see what was going on at this time up to 5 years ago.  Hopefully these books will be very interesting to future generations of my family as a reminder of what life was like at this time and maybe they will feel like they know me better and appreciate their heritage more.
I am blogging early and looking forward to a hot soothing bath for these tires achy muscles tonight.
Thankful for the strength God chooses to give hubbie and I each day and I give Him all the praise for all the work that gets done during each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

I always enjoy reading your blog posts. You have such a wonderful life--busy but happy....

Great to have potatoes for the winter months...

We vote tomorrow. It will be nice not getting all of the political calls and ads.... ha


linda m said...

I know what you mean about clean windows to look out of. Glad you got to vote and get you potatoes dug up as well. I love reading your blogs and find your life interesting. God has so blessed you with your family and friends. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Love that nice harvest of potatoes.
Washing fun!!!
Today we were caulking more windows on the house for winter.