Friday, October 17, 2014


A sunny but cool morning today at 41 degrees when I went out to do the morning chores. After breakfast and devotions I took a nice walk on  this nice morning.
The Mallard ducks were back and making a lot of noise this morning.
Cheyenne scared me as I walked by the upper pasture and saw her all stretched out in the sun but she got right up when I stopped to make the picture so she must have just been soaking up the sunshine.
These late blackberries are really good so I am going to try to propagate several more vines over this winter.
There are not many leaves falling off the huge Oak trees above the house yet and for mid October things still look extra ordinarily green around here.
There is some color starting to show up but there are already a lot of naked trees after the strong winds we had earlier this week.
I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 4 pound and 1 blackberry wine cakes after lunch.
The sun was so inviting that I had to take a break this afternoon to soak up some of the vitamin D in the 72 degree temperature.
I pulled weeds from the garden and gave all the chickens a green treat this evening .
G-son choose a movie with 5 of his friends for his birthday outing so this afternoon after school the group had fun having ice cream and going to a movie together. Looks like they are  enjoying the event. G-son is in the black t-shirt between the red t-shirt and the other black t-shirt wearer. His friends are Nicholas, Andrew, Braden, Walker and Seth.
I cleaned out some chick boxes this evening and sealed off the wire screened front so that the rain can't blow into them while they are empty.
After chores and supper I took a walk down in the lower pasture. The ground was still saturated from the flood waters.
Sadie got to the farm pond before me and this is the only picture of the ducks I got this evening after she pounced into the water, putting all the ducks into flight.
A couple of the  cattle graze the evening away in a very peaceful setting.
I spent the evening icing my cakes and getting things ready for market.
Daughter brought her baked things by on her way to the fifth quarter at church after the football game tonight.
Her volleyball team finished in 2nd place in their conference and have to travel 3 hours tomorrow to their first play-off game on the other side of Charlotte,NC.
Thankful to God tonight for a very blessed day and praying for guidance in the days ahead.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

The seasons are changing, I just love the changing of the leaves. Then winter's around the corner, I'm not ready for winter yet :-)

The critters and the humans are all out trying to soak up that Vitamin D while it's available.

Stay warm, and don't work to hard.