Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Up at 5:30 to go potty, checked by chance to see if the skies had cleared enough to get a glimpse of the total Lunar eclipse.  No such luck as a light rain was still falling under socked in clouds.
This is a picture from someone who was luckier than I this morning. The  earth's shadow passed over the entire moon causing the pretty red colored moon called the "blood moon" this is the second blood moon of this year.

It seemed like I had just gotten back into bed when the alarm sounded at 7am.   Hubbie took today off so we could make a trip to the Pickens flea market.  While we made coffee we watched the radar of rain moving through Pickens, hoping that it would do what they say and move on out prior to our arrival.
We did the chores, finishing just as Rebekah and Evy came to go with us.
On the trip down the mountain the fog was clinging to the mountain tops not wanting to let go.

A scary moment came when a young buck deer came bounding out of the woods and ran right up to the side of the road. He thankfully stopped just short of the pavement and looked at us as we were trying to slow to avoid hitting him if he decided to continue across the road.  Lucky for him and us he turned and headed back into the woods where he had came from.
I had my camera laying on the seat but by the time I grabbed it the photo op was gone ,darn !!!
The market was not crowded as it usually is so the early morning rain must have dampened the crowds.
We shopped all morning quickly shedding layers of clothing that we had on as the temperature soared into the 80's by lunch time. 
Evy had a ball as she walked, rode in the stroller or helped push all morning being such a good girl while we looked for bargains.  Rebekah came out the best on this trip finding many treasures for Evy and the little boy she is expecting in January.
I found a belt buckle from Oak Ridge Tennessee, where my dad had worked for many years on the nuclear plant.  For $2 it came home with me just for the memories it involked.

We also found a great deal on sweet potatoes to store up for the winter.
We were hoping to find winter squash also but had no luck so we will make a trip to the farmers market to finish out our needs for the winter.
I was so busy shopping I did not make a single picture at the market which is a first for me.  I thought about photos when we stopped for lunch after we left the market. This is our bounty of treasures or this trip.

I made this picture of a tired little girl as we went into Arbys.

She seemed to get revived as she ate and became the entertaining little love she always is.

Thankfully we had an eventful trip home with all the deer staying in the woods.
It turned out to be a beautiful day .  I noticed that there was very little leaf color as we came up the mountain.

We got unloaded and put things away before a couple came after some roosters and hens I have for sale.  Hubbie had to help me hem them up in the lot corner to catch. I only have a few more older hens and some  Silkie chicks to sell to have my flock down-sized for winter.
I baked layer cakes this afternoon, 12 caramel,2 coconuts,1 chocolate, 2 pound , 1 blackberry wine and some lemon bars for a special order.
I finished baking just in time for supper then chores.  I came back inside to tackle the weekly paperwork and pay the bills before icing cakes for the rest of the evening.
This has been a very busy day and I am tired tonight as I get into bed a little after midnight feeling very accomplished.
Grateful for traveling mercies of this day and all the blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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