Thursday, October 30, 2014


First calf of the season born early this morning over on top of the hill that Aa and Re just bought.
Baby calves are some of the cutest little things you will ever see.
A cooler morning down in the upper 30's made moving through chores quicker today.
Off to market to see what the predictions for the coldest weather of the season and even some S*N*O*W  this weekend will do to business.
I had a surprisingly good day but the roads heading south are surely going to get crowded tomorrow as folks were stopping in to pick up supplies to carry to their more southern homes with them.
After market I did the regular errands, talked to the teller at my bank about the suspect check I took yesterday and she called and confirmed it was good before she cashed it to my surprise.  Guess you really can't judge a book by its cover !!!
I made stops at Aldi and Walmart for  groceries and supplies, made it home at 4:30.
Hubbie came in from work and helped unload and get things put away before we headed outside to work more on getting the leaves raked away from the house and I also got the covers on all my chicken and quail boxes to keep the cold winds at bay this winter.

We have built a fire in out new stove for the last couple nights and opened all the doors downstairs to try and burn the new stove smell off it before we really need to warm the house with it.  The smell was much less tonight then last night so maybe by tomorrow night when we actually need it the smell won't be so bad.
After we got inside tonight I decided to take the night off and do absolutely nothing !!
Probably will be kicking myself tomorrow but enjoyed the evening !!
The weather forecasters have everyone in a panic about the weekend weather, predicting snow as far south as our area, with 42 degree high temperature Saturday with wind blowing 20-35 mph.That's pretty much blizzard conditions.

Trick or Treater's tomorrow night will just be dealing with cold rain it looks like.
Gonna get interesting around here pretty quick it looks like.  
Saw this cartoon and was glad I went to the grocery store today !!

Haha !!
Grateful to rest in the confidence that God is in total control at all times and so gracious to all His children.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

According to the fogs in August we are in for a winter here.

Glad all is well.

linda m said...

Glad the check cleared, that would have been a bummer if it hadn't. We got snow flurries here this morning but it isn't sticking to the ground - just on cold rooftops. Supposed to be very cold and windy here today - wind chills of 22 degrees. Praying that God keeps all the "trick to treaters" safe tonight. Have a great weekend. Blessings