Saturday, October 11, 2014


Another early morning for me as I get up and get ready for this market day.
It is looking like the clouds are leaving and the day is going to start out sunny and warm.
Market was good today. There was a car show up on Main street that brought many extra folks into town for the day.  It was so warm in market we had to turn the fans back on.
Just as I was loading my van after market the rain started falling heavily.
I had to meet a fellow that ordered $49 worth of 1/2 cakes after market so my day was extended by about 45 minutes. I still shopped at Aldi for tomorrow's lunch supplies and baking supplies for next week. I am thankful for the extended busy season this year as I keep having good numbers each week from sales.
As I drove out of town I looked down on the Bazaar craft show I always go to this time of year and saw the tents getting soaked in the rain and the brick depot street filling with water. I hate to miss this show this year but am a fair weather shopper at these events so hopefully they sold well before the rains started.
I made it home around 3:30 and it had rained hard here also dropping 3/10ths inch in just a few minutes driving hubbie inside with only part of the lawn mowed.
We unloaded and then did chores early to get ready to go to the "draw down" fund raiser out at the high school where daughter works.
Everyone went except #2 son who had to work late at the Post Office and #1 son and g-son who are at a cub scout camp out at Camp Daniel Boone for the week-end.  G-son was excited to get going this morning as d-in-love sent me this pic of him all packed and ready. He and his dad will have a great time and his dad can remember the days when he and his dad attended this same camp.
 This is some photos of them and their cub scout pack as they went through the activities at Camp Daniel Boone near Canton,NC.
G-son is in the red T-shirt.

His dad instructs him at the shooting ranges.

He is in the black t-shirt in this picture
Camp Daniel Boone is as beautiful as I remember it when I was going with  my boys.

Out at the high school fund raiser the rest of us ate a nice dinner of steak, potato and salad from Outback Steak House in the school lunch room.
There was a lot of items to bid on in the silent auction.
Evy found the open gym doors and had a ball running around in there.
She ran and ran until she just fell over and layed in the floor as daddy and a neighbor's daughter, Allie Justice, look on.
The auction was held in the auditorium this year and it was a lot more comfortable seating.
Daughter was the ticket drawer again this year.

Hubbie and I won a $15 gift certificate to a local restaurant, D-in-love and Rebekah won some tickets to sporting events, #2 son won a Boston Cream cake and a couple sporting event tickets and daughter won a t-shirt donated by a local business.  We did better than last year but still came up short on any money winnings.
We stayed and watched until the end to see who won the $5000 main prize.  A local business man named Andy Petree and the North football team were the last 2 tickets.  Second place won $1000 so they decided to split the $6000 for added 1st and 2nd place.  That would have been the decision I would have made.
I enjoy chatting with all my neighbors at this event. Seems the entire community comes out to support the high school and that is very good to see.
They probably raised close to $20,000 for their athletic program tonight.
We came home and relaxed for the evening.
Grateful to God for a day filled with His blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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