Sunday, October 5, 2014


I had a bathroom break at 7am this morning and when I looked at the thermometer it said 33 degrees. I figured it would drop below freezing before sunrise. 
I heard hubbie's phone ringing before I was out of bed a little later this morning. He said it was #2 son saying he and his friend from the stove / chimney cleaning business were on their way over here to hopefully finish our chimney lining job.
 As I did the chores , I looked around at all the plants and didn't see any damage or frost up here, but the bottom pasture was white with frost for the first time this season. I got ready for church, hubbie was staying home to lend a hand to the guys were ever he could.
Church was good today, our senior pastor was back from vacation and we had our quarterly "Lord's Supper".  Rebekah sang a solo of a very touching song and all was well at the service.  Daughter ,d-in-love and I were the only attendees as #1 son came home after Sunday school to help on the chimney also.
Church was pretty empty today, more so than I have seen it in months. Maybe this first cold morning encouraged folks to stay inside.
At home we had corn beef brisket, green beans, corn, potatoes and slaw with caramel cake dessert for lunch. Josh Wright the man helping #2 son with the chimney was our guest along with everyone else.
After the chimney was finished shortly after lunch, hubbie and #2 son went to Home Depot to get things to finish the chimney, Aaron took Evy home for a nap, #1 son went home, d-in-love,daughter, Rebekah, g-son and I went to the apple farm that we are baking for to get some pumpkins.
Since we left from here , daughter and Rebekah borrowed some of my outside boots to go to the field in. They look very stylish with their church clothes, haha.

G-son and aunt T look for the perfect pumpkin.
G-son searched and searched for his pumpkin.
Finally he located the perfect one and just his size.
He and mom carried their picks to the car.
We all came home and I spent the evening helping clean the yard up and placing my pumpkins around in my decorations.

The guords in these pics were from my garden.
Hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's Club this evening to get a few things we were out of.
After evening chores I took some reading time. The evening is pretty cool tonight, 47 at 10pm after a sunny cool 60 degree day.  The low tonight is supposed to stay around 40 degrees for no chance of another frost.
G-son wasted no time in carving that perfect pumpkin and after coming after a candle to put in it he posed for this picture.

A perfect ending to a perfect Sunday filled with family and friends and the love of Jesus Christ our precious Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love going around the pumpkin patch searching for the perfect one. Getting ready myself to put up my Fall decorations. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Don't you just love October???? I love the smile on your grandson's face when he found that 'perfect' pumpkin....

We didn't get any frost damage here either --although there was some around. It was beautiful all weekend --and today we got some more (much-needed) rain.... Love it.

Have a great week.