Friday, August 7, 2015


When I saw the name of this house on the rental site I wondered where in the world anyone would get a name like that.  But when I learned the meaning of the name it makes perfect sense. Seems there are three owners of this house, one from Arizona-AZ, one from Ohio-OH, and one from Virginia-VA
...........AZOHVA............. it is a really nice house, the nicest house we have ever rented for our vacation before.

After a very stormy night with high winds, heavy rains and thunder and lightening that lit up the entire world as we went to bed last night I looked around this morning for damage. I found nothing to indicate any bad weather had ever passed through so that was a good thing. I did however notice some of the shrubbery around this house is not typical for this area.
There are cacti from Arizona....

Cedar and Juniper trees filled with berries from Ohio....

and this Virginia Creeper vine  that is doing very well in this sandy soil.
Even some mountain native "Canan's Lace"....

A grape vine is growing over all the trees and bushes in the landscaping.

These little beach Morning Glories remind me how much I miss my yard and flowers.
G-son was afraid the clouds were going to keep him off the beach today.

 Daughter and I set out on our regular morning walk even under a threatening sky.
We checked out all the turtle nest and found that no baby turtles braved last night's stormy weather.
#1 son went to fish for the day on the pier hoping the clouds would hang around.
When we got back to the house we had an early lunch then headed down to the beach for our last day of ocean play.
 G-son was loving it and wore his pawpaw and his aunt T out in the rough waves.

He played alone in the shallow water and fought the waves that continually rolled him and pushed him down on the sand.

Me doing what I do best at the beach ,soaking all the sun up and watching this guy play in the waves.

About 4:00 the sky filled with clouds again and we took our canopy down and brought everything in from the beach just in time before the rain shower came.
#1 son came in from the pier and said he had caught several fish today, none of any significant size but he had fun.
We all got ready and went out for dinner. After not being able to find a parking spot at the restaurant we wanted to go to we went to a smaller one and after a long wait with a big crowd the food was not that great but it was filling.
We came back to the house and hubbie, daughter and I set out to check on the turtle nest.

They weren't hatching yet but both watcher groups at each nest thought they would hatch tonight.
The sunset was beautiful as we tried to drain every last drop of daylight from our last day of vacation.

This has been a great week, restful, family filled and fun filled.

As we packed tonight and got our Honda and #2 son's jeep filled to see what we needed in each vehicle I felt a little sad that it is over but I will be glad to get home and back in my normal routine.
We have a lot to look forward to this next year before we make a return trip on summer vacation next year.
I am truly grateful to God for the blessed week He has allowed us and pray tonight for His traveling mercies for each of us tomorrow as we head back into the mountains.
Good Night and God Bless

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