Monday, August 17, 2015


Hubbie and I set our alarms to meet g-son at 7:45 but little EL and baby BB beat him here as Re worked last night and brought them over so she could sleep. G-son arrived shortly after they did and a fun day began.
Hubbie watched all three have their breakfast while I went outside and did the morning chores.
When I got back inside g-son was entertaining BB who is simply in love with g-son. All he has to do is be in the same room and he is a happy baby.
I started laundry and stayed inside with the kids while hubbie tilled a spot for some of our Fall garden. The almanac says today is a good day for planting these crops and it is cloudy and rainy looking so maybe it will rain.
EL entertained herself most of the morning playing piano and dancing.
When BB took his morning nap her and g-son became quick playmates.
Hubbie came inside to stay with the kids and I went up and planted the greens, lettuce, spinach, turnips and a few radishes to have some nice fresh produce before the really cold weather gets here.
This is only part of what we have planned to plant. We will plant more as we exhaust the summer crops.
I ran across another rabbit in there today so we are going to have to close the holes in the blocks that are in the back of this picture before the tender greens start coming up.
#2 son came by while I was working in the garden,he needed to look up something on the internet and took some of yesterday's lunch left overs home for his lunch. He had to play with the kids a while before they would allow him to leave !!!
At lunchtime these two were holding what sounded like an adult discussion about their afternoon playtime planning while they ate.
Baby BB couldn't be left out of the lunch hour and mom had left him some baby food if he wanted it so I fed him so he could be part of the group !!
All the kids were so great today ,we didn't hear a whimper out of any of them.
After lunch the two little ones went down for their afternoon naps and g-son played quietly on his I-pad. I took advantage of the quiet house to read my blog books and download the remainder of my photos to my Walgreens site to catch me up through July.
Hubbie went back to the garden to fertilize and put out spectracide on the turnips and radishes.
The clouds have hung around all day with only short peeks of sunshine and the temperature stayed around 80 for a really muggy day.
Looks like we could make some of our rain deficit up in the next couple days.
Re came up to the garden and I helped her pick the Horticulture beans and hot banana peppers while the kids finished their naps.
After all the kids left  hubbie and I ran out to Walmart for some dog food and other things we were out of.
The rain started a light shower while we were gone but stopped when we got home.
We did the chores and came inside to have a salad for supper.
When I went back out to shut the doors on the hens a light mist was still falling but the ground under the trees was still bone dry.
The two Silkie hens are both off their nest now with their little broods. This black mama hatched 4 out of 5 of her eggs.
And the white mama hatched 4 of her 6 eggs. She will soon need to be moved into a larger brooding box as soon as I can find time to clean it out from the last batch of chicks.
Love watching these soft little biddies as they run around under mama's watchful eyes.
Back inside I worked downloading some more decade pics that I over looked last night and folded my last load of laundry for the day.
Thankful to God tonight for the blessing of these little ones that light up my life when they are around.I love watching each one of them grow up.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Your Monday sounded so much more like fun than mine did. I did my usually volunteer stint at the local animal shelter where I take care of small animals and clean their cages. Then I came home to mow the back lawn before the rain started. By that time I was exhausted so I took a nap. The "kids" sure are cute and really growing. Blessings