Saturday, August 22, 2015


Off to market this morning right on time. I was met in the parking lot by two customers which always is a nice start to the day.
Hubbie was here to help get things set up. Sales started off brisk but slowed as the morning wore on.
I am very thankful for what I did sell as always. There is still quite a bit of fresh vegetables in market and that is always a great early morning draw.
Hubbie left to go by Sam's Club and then home to try to get rid of his headache he has had all morning.
There is a cold front pushing into our area and that has changed the forecast and I'm sure changed the pressure which usually messes with my head. I don't usually get headaches but have dizzy funny feeling spells when this happens and I have had those feelings a couple times this morning.
I ended up having a pretty good day thankfully.
After market I made a stop at Ace Hardware to pick up a replacement seal for my pressure canner. I used the new one I had earlier this year and always like to have a new seal on hand when I am canning. I had to laugh when I looked at the price difference , the old box that I had brought along to check out the seal number had a price of $6.99 on it , the new seal was $12.95.
I made stops at Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies for next week.
Hubbie helped me unload when I got home and get everything put away then we rested for a little while.
The clouds hung low and it looked like it would rain any minute but never did.
We did chores early and went over to a friend of mine, Susan's , house to have dinner with her and a friend.
She has been a friend of mine for many years. She lives in Florida but spends a lot of time up here in her dad's house. He died several years ago. She has done some remodeling since I have been over there and she wanted me to come see it.
We went over at 6:00, had a very nice visit and dinner and the house remodeling was very nice. That house is full of antiques and treasures from her life.
My brother called at 9:00 saying Sadie was at his house and wouldn't leave. He said it had stormed and she was acting really confused. He put her in his carport until we got home and hubbie went up and got her to go in her crate downstairs. She has gotten so afraid of thunder and always takes off down the highway for some reason.
The rain didn't look like it was very much here but the air was very humid and there were flash flood warnings out for some areas around us.
Back in August of 2005 weekends meant lake time for our family.  We had a Bayliner ski boat.
D-in-love in the water, #1 and #2 son holding boat, hubbie in the boat.
 Hubbie waiting for the skier to get ready.....
 #2 son and daughter......
 Hubbie,daughter,d-in-love, #1 son........
Daughter getting ready to ski......
At our house this Elephant Ear plant got huge that year.
Our dogs at that time were Pepper and Dolly.

And guarding the front door  was faithful old Willy ......
A wonderful look back .........
Thankful for a blessed day and for the gift of wonderful friends.
Good Night and God Bless

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Gail said...

You are very blessed.

Glad market day went well. I'm afraid I would go overboard eating your cakes.

Have a very blessed evening.