Friday, August 28, 2015


Uggggg !!!!!  I got a stark reminder this morning as I rolled out of bed of that 40 lb. bag of dog food I shouldn't have lifted yesterday !!!
With a back brace, medicated cream and a heat pack I started my day.
 I thought maybe a nice slow walk would loosen up my lower back muscles.
These Beauty berries are really pretty this year.
Nothing says Fall like these pretty orange Chinese Lanterns.
 The Sedum is starting to get its nice Fall red color.
These red Coleus I got from the green house sale out at the school have really been beautiful all summer.
 The Butternut winter squash are ready to be brought inside and stored for winter.
The Crown of Thorns is still blooming, seems it likes this cooler weather better than the heat of the last few weeks.
Time to dry out some Persimmon seed to check their winter forecast !!!

These nice low 60's mornings are so nice, but they make me want Fall to come quickly before the heat moves back in.
The walk seemed to help my back some so I started baking when I got back inside. I baked 12 caramel,3 chocolate, 8 pound cakes before having a late lunch.
I rested out in the nice sunshine until hubbie came home. I tried to nap laying on my stomach but found my back wouldn't stand for that so I sat up with my face turned away from the sun, just to feel the warmth on my back.
When hubbie came in from work we watched the news. I laid on the couch on a heating pad and that seemed to really help the soreness.
After chores we sat outside and watched the sun set on another late summer evening.

High school football season has started and as we sit on our covered patio we can here the announcer out at he local high school.
This is a picture from the football game at the high school.

 The huge full moon was so pretty tonight I tried different settings on my camera to get the best pictures.

I spent the evening icing cakes and got into bed about midnight. I am writing this on Saturday at market and back dating it.
God is good !!!! all the time !!!
God Bless

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