Thursday, August 6, 2015


I thought it was going to be a cloudy day the first time I looked out the window this morning as I rolled out of bed. The bed here is not what I am used to but my back hasn't bothered me like some other times on a different mattress.
By the time I got dressed and ready for the day the clouds were totally and the sun was already hot.
Hubbie, daughter, #2 son and I had our regular breakfast meeting on the front porch.
After we ate #1 son's family was getting up and having breakfast.
Hubbie, daughter and I made a run to the store for some supplies.
Everyone except d-in-love headed to the beach when we got back. She got a pretty bad sunburn yesterday and is staying inside today.
She is going to try to get the virus off my old laptop so hubbie can use it.
#2 son went walking this morning and found a new turtle nest that looks ready to hatch, he took us to see where I was.

The waves were very rough again today and not much fun to be out there in but g-son had his uncle , dad and pawpaw to help him.

G-son loves to be in the ocean even if the waves knock him down lots of times...

Daughter and I walked and checked on the turtle nest that are marked ready to hatch. We found out the nest we walked to check out yesterday at Fort Caswell hatched last night. There is one right down the beach from our house that is due next. It would be great to see this twice while we are here and wonderful for g-son to get to see it.
After lunch the wind got so high that it was hard to even sit on the beach. We thought it was going to blow our canopy away so we put extra sandbags on the legs and it held.
Both sons were going to the pier to fish but that changed in the heat and high winds.
This was a nice relaxing day for everyone. We washed our chairs and all the toys as the weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow so we don't know if we will get back out on the beach or not.
At least we got some of the salt and sand off some things and in this wind it was the perfect drying time.
#1 son's family went out to the store and brought their supper back. The rest of us scrounged through our left overs for our supper tonight. No one was overly hungry so this was a good time to get rid of some things in the frig.
As the clouds grew darker out over the ocean I gathered all the dried things off the porch and put them inside.
Daughter , hubbie and I went down the beach and checked on the turtle nest. The "turtle watch" person was there tending the nest trying to keep the drifting sand from getting too deep over the eggs.
She said the weather might play havoc with this nest as the sand drifts and the high winds would not be a good combination for these little ones.
As we walked back to the house the rain started and daughter and I got wet for the third time this week !!
The shower of light rain quickly passed and the skies cleared but the wind still was really blowing.
Word from home is that we got 1/2inch of  rain today which will help things hold on until good rain comes.
All the kids went to the movies this evening leaving g-son here with hubbie and I for a nice quiet evening.
I am sitting at the table looking out over a dangerous looking ocean as the waves are white capping all the way to the horizon.

Over the sound lightening flashed under these threatening clouds.

As another day of vacation comes to an end I praise God for all the blessings that He showered down on us this day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Glad you are having a nice relaxing time at the beach. Love the pictures of g-son playing in the ocean and the picture of the storm clouds. Blessings