Monday, August 24, 2015


First day of school !!!   G-son looks ready to face third grade as his mom made this picture on their front porch as they headed off to school this morning.
As for hubbie and I the first day of school meant more time to sleep in this morning !!!
As I finished chores and we had breakfast we were planning our day all alone for the first time since school let out in the beginning of summer.
I got a load of laundry started while he went up to do some weeding in the garden while the coolness of the morning was still hanging around.
Re came by and picked up all her canned goods that she had stored in our basement. She has shelves made at her new house to hold all of them and now she can see what all she has.
Hubbie and I grabbed a quick bite to eat for lunch and made a trip to the Henderson county co-op.
I got some liquid vitamins and a couple new salad mixes they had.
I had a dermatologist appointment for 1:50 so hubbie dropped me off there while he went to browse the Good-Will just down the street.
I had a large bright pink spot on my lower thigh that has been there for a couple months. I thought it looked like the Squamous cell cancer that I had taken off the other leg a couple years ago. Dr. Highly agreed that it looked like a squamous cell to him so he cut it off to send to the lab.
Now I have a deep hole in my lower thigh were he cauterized the opening to kill any squamous cell cancer cells that were left behind.  He is a very good doctor and this didn't hurt at all and hasn't hurt even when the novacaine wore off that he deaden it with.
I was in and out of the office within an hour so that was pretty good with only calling for the appointment last Thursday.
We came home and I finished 2 more loads of laundry while hubbie worked more outside.
We have an abundance of Concord grapes on our vines again this year and the bees are starting to suck them dry so I decided I had better make some grape jelly while there are still plenty of grapes.
There is no better aroma than cooking grapes on the stove ,mmmmmmm !!!
We have a few jars left from last years bounty so I probably will only make one batch of jelly. I had 10 jars of very tasty jelly when I finished.
This jelly just taste so much better than what you buy in the stores it is mind boggling. I had a little bowl full left over for some toast tomorrow morning.
After chores hubbie and I sat out in the covered patio and watched the sun go down through the clouds. We had no rain today but the clouds showed up late this evening stopping hubbie from putting out the weed killer he was planning on.
As the fourth named storm of the season, Danny, fizzles out over the islands east of Cuba the fifth named storm is right on it's heels. This one was named tonight, it is Erica. This one maybe trouble as the forecast shows it taking a more northerly trek than Danny. Guess we will wait and see.
Our weather is going to be very nice for the next several days with the 50's temps at night so we can open the windows and listen to the frogs sings us to sleep.
Grateful for a good first day of school for g-son. Thankful that the spot on my leg is gone and prayfully won't require any more treatment. Most of all thankful for all the other small blessings that made up my day. Glory be to my loving God.
Good Night and god Bless.


linda m said...

That is good news that you had the spot on your leg taken care of and it is now gone. I can just smell the grape jelly cooking on the stove. My Mom used to make apple jelly from our apple trees. Of to have those days back. Blessings

Gail said...

Good that you've a good doctor that takes care of things.

We have been cool but very dry.

Have a blessed evening.