Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Up to greet g-son this morning with his breakfast and morning cartoons.
As I dawned boots to head out in the muggy morning I wondered how much rain I would find in the gauge this morning, only about 1/10th inch from the evening shower. I thought it had rained during the night but I guess I was wrong!
After my breakfast I took a walk and enjoyed the nice cooler refreshing air. The signs of Fall are starting to show up everywhere. These walnuts are ready to be stored in some little squirrels stash for the winter.

The persimmons are getting riper as they and these little Fox grapes wait for the first frost to improve their flavor immensely.

The Beauty berries and Elaeagnus berries are also getting ripe ready for the birds to feast before their long winter days.

Also these dreaded Poke berries with their staining purple are getting their color.

Another season of warm long summer days is getting closer each day to the shorter cooler days of Fall with all of nature's splendid beauty and the nice slower more relaxed time of year as Mother Nature sighs a complacent sigh and settles down for a rest from the energetic growing seasons of spring and summer and gets ready for a nice rest.
I too am ready for a nice rest as summer season slows with the start of school next week and I look forward to a more relaxing, restful time of year.
Back inside I was reminded that this isn't into my restful time yet as I get my baking started. I baked 18 caramel, 3 chocolate, 6 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake then had a late lunch.
G-son has been a trooper all morning, moving from the living room to the playroom to the outside swing to keep himself entertained while I worked.
He says he is ready to go back to school but today I have seen the apprehension that comes to all of us as we begin a new venture. I am hoping his little sister will hold off being born until he can get a good start in this school year knowing his mom is just down the hall in the office.
The rain started falling about 4:30 changing my bean picking plans so they will wait until another day.
As the rain slacked we did evening chores slipping and sliding around in the muddy lots for a rare things this summer.
I moved the 3 younger Silkie chicks into the big lot tonight so I can clean their box for one of the newly hatched broods.
I was reminded again of the changing of the seasons as this flock of honking Canadian Geese flew overhead in the misshapen V.

 Back inside with rain moving back in after only leaving 2/10ths in the gauge so far I did weekly paperwork and paid bills.
I was reminded by one of the bills that I needed to cancel the Norton antivirus on my old laptop. I called a foreign speaking man who took forever to understand what I wanted. He finally did get things done but it put me 1/2 hour late on getting my icing started, grrrrrrr.
I iced cakes until midnight then had to label and pack things up. I finally got into bed at almost 1:30am,whew !!!
As you can guess I am writing this on Thursday morning between customers and back dating it.
I am thankful each day that God blesses me with the energy and health to get everything done each day as I strive to glorify His name in all that I do.
God Bless

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Gail said...

Two mornings it has been 54. A nice change but we are dry.