Saturday, August 29, 2015


Another Saturday market day rolls around. Thankfully my back is better this morning after more cream and a heating pad all night. I still can't stoop to pick anything off the floor but at least I'm not in pain today.
Market was okay today but nothing like it has been for the past couple months. The orders for the holiday next weekend are slow to come in also.
I left market and stopped at Stienmart to check out their red dot sale and found a couple summer dresses and a pair of jeans at great deals.
The only other stop I made was at Sav Mor to get baking supplies.
When I got home hubbie helped me unload then I rode with him over to daughter's house to let her dogs out to run. She is at the Clemson volleyball game with her team today. Josh drove down after he got off work at noon so we said we would take care of the dogs.
Back home hubbie went out to weed eat around the house while I moved some things around in the sunroom. G-son says hubbie looks like a "Ninja" when he weed eats !!!!
I bought some new plants on sale Thursday and moved things around to make places for them. And you know how that goes when you moved one thing that always leads to moving several more things.
When hubbie came inside he laughed at me and said "your back feels better so you decided to move some furniture around" !!!!!
After chores we had a salad supper then hubbie watched TV while I blogged.
The news on Erica the tropical storm is good. She has dissipated but not before 30 people lost their lives in the Dominican Republic islands.
She is still supposed to bring heavy rains to Florida and maybe even for us all the way up here but no high winds.
I am loving these cool Fall feeling nights and mornings.

Thankful for all the blessings of this day and grateful for each day the Lord allows me the strength and health that I have.
Good Night and God Bless

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