Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Up to a very different Wednesday for me with no baking plans for this morning. The Sear's repair man is coming today to check out my ovens and I don't want to have hot ovens when he comes.
After chores and breakfast on this cool Fall feeling morning I sat in the sunroom and read my devotions enjoying the nice crisp cool of the morning.
The sky is filled with clouds which is a surprise this morning but maybe they will burn off.
I started out on my walk but then decided I needed to stay close to the house phone in case the repair man called to say he was on his way.
I came back inside and started housework. Since I didn't do any yesterday this was a perfect time.
I had a late lunch then tried to catch some vitamin D rays from the sun but the clouds are still too thick for that.
I stayed around inside working on little task that usually get skipped for lack of time until the repair man finally called and said he was on his way around 3:30.
Bad news for me on the ovens, although he didn't really impress me with his expertise, it is going to cost $500 to replace a couple worn out parts that might be causing my problems in both ovens.  One of the things he is replacing makes sense as he showed me the sloppy movement in the temperature dials on both ovens and said this is a pretty routine complaint with this type oven. He said that is probably what is causing the ovens to shut off randomly.
The other problem he discovered is the convection fans in both ovens slow down once the ovens build heat which says the fans are wearing out. I know this can be a problem because I had to replace the convection fan motor in the oven I previously had.  He said to get them replaced would probably be a smart move sense they were going to have to take the oven out of the cabinet anyway to replace the temperature dials.
This fan slow down might be leading to a harder time of maintaining a constant temperature which could also be confusing the mother board and causing shut down.  Luckily when he turned both ovens on one of them shut off while preheating to show him the exact message it was throwing when this happens. At the cost of $95 just to have him come out and tell me what I needed which was  included in the $500 I figured it best to go ahead and get all the new parts and hope that it fixes the problem. For some unexplained reason the parts will be here Monday but they can't get back out to fix it until Sept. 15,oh well !!!  I will cross my fingers until then !!!
Hubbie came in from work and got on the lawn mower so I went to my office to do weekly paperwork and pay bills.
After chores and supper I started my baking for the day. I am really glad this is a slow time. I only baked 4 pound cakes.  I expect tomorrow to be really dead sine school started this week.
To wrap up the decade pictures for this month here is the old undated photos.
These are from my mom's sister, Hattie's old photo album.  The first pic is of her and another of their sisters, Carol or Carrie as she was referred to most of the time.
This is Hattie all alone in this picture.
The remainder of the photos is their youngest sister, Mary...

I am thankful that my Aunt Hattie was a "shutter bug" as I know picture taking was much more involved back in her day than it is today but I sure enjoy looking through these old pics.
Daughter came by this evening on her way to Re's house to make apple jelly for the orchard they work for in the fall.
Her bee stings are much better this evening, thankfully.
Looks like next week may get very interesting as Erica's path brings her into Florida and then ????

Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the grace that God blesses me with each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Wow, that estimate must have been a shocker. But you were wise to get everything replaced at the same time. It will save money in the long run. And to think all my grandmother did was throw another log in the oven. She never did get rid of her wood stove - said it baked better than any new fangled stove. Blessings