Monday, August 10, 2015


G-son's 7:30 arrival zapped me back into realty this morning. Hubbie was off today and got up with him allowing me a few more zzz"s but usually after he gets here I have a hard time going back to sleep.
After chores and breakfast I called Georgia the friend who worked my market stand the Saturday I left. I went over to her house and picked up the one pound cake she had left and my money for the day. She sold very well.
I didn't visit long as I have a busy day ahead of me.
Back home I got the laundry started for the past two weeks. Hubbie helped get all of it downstairs. If I do have to move from this house , I definitely want my washer and dryer on the main floor of the house. These stairs are dangerous for me and hubbie anymore especially carrying anything.
I got out the tomatoes I picked Saturday evening. These Roma tomatoes are perfect for making salsa as they make a thick salsa.
While I got my first canner full started Hubbie went to the garden to see if there were any bell peppers or more tomatoes. He came back with an entire basket full. Some of them are starting to crack open so they need to be used today.
He found a few Peppers and I thawed the bags of pepper I froze before we left on vacation to go with a couple bags of sweet onions I had bought.
I use this Mrs. Wages salsa mix it has delicious flavoring in it that we like.
After scalding and peeling about 6 lbs. of tomatoes I add chopped peppers and onions plus 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with this one bag of mix. I don't measure the peppers and onions I just divided what I had for each bag of mix.
I did 4 loads of laundry and worked in the kitchen on 4 runs of salsa the entire day.  Hubbie cleared some of the spent vegetables and weeds off the garden preparing it for our Fall crops and g-son wandered in and out between the two of us all day when taking breaks from the games on his I-pad. He has been a bottom-less pit today as everytime he came through the kitchen he wanted something to eat. Maybe the delicious aroma of the salsa spurred up his appetite.
I finished the day with a total of 33 pints of salsa. That should do hubbie and I for the winter easily. I can't remember how many jars I canned last year but I only have 2 left.
As if right on cue as soon as I turned the stove off the storms started this evening. The thunder didn't get too close and there was 4/10ths inch of rain in the gauge at chore time from the rain with the storm.
After we did chores and sat on the porch the rain began again. We are hoping for an overnight rain but I don't think that will happen as the raindrops disappeared with the darkness.
The forecast is for some cooler weather later this week at least .
I finished out the evening working more on catching up my blog post for last week.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and for the strength He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless

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