Sunday, August 16, 2015


A wonderful start to this Sunday morning was me getting a few extra zzz's . I was so tired last night I don't even remember getting in bed, even after the nap I took yesterday evening.
After chores and breakfast hubbie left early for church. It was a liesurely morning for me as I'm not on greeter duty today and the family from the funeral Friday left flowers for the communion table.
The service was a continued journey thru 1st Timothy chapter 5 today about a preacher's responsibilities and lifestyle.
Afterward we had a short visit with Re's mom and dad who had driven down this past Thursday and were leaving right after church to go back to northern Ohio.
Lunch bunch was very small today with only daughter here . #1 son's family is attending a funeral of one of d-in-love's great aunts, #2 son was golfing, Josh was helping one of his kids move into their college dorm in Georgia today and Aa and Re were seeing her parents off.
After daughter left to go home and do yard work at her house hubbie and I relaxed and watched for the storm that the dark clouds looked like they were bringing in.
He watched TV and I sat out in the sunroom and caught up my blog book reading. I love to read back over what was going on in our lives during this same time years ago.
When the storm passed our area with no rain we made a trip to Tractor Supply. I thought I would have baby chicks hatching next week but got a surprise when both Silkie hens who are setting started hatching chicks yesterday. Somebody is hatching early because I know there was several days between them starting to set. But I was in such a fizz getting ready to go on vacation I can't even remember which I sat first. Anyway I needed chick starter to feed them with so we took the 10% off coupon we had and bought that and  more feed for all the animals.
Back home we relaxed for the rest of a very quiet Sunday afternoon and evening.
With my blog book reading caught up I decided to catch up the decade pictures for August. In August 1985 we had three little live wires to keep up with.
These are the kids posing for a picture, at least two of them were happy !!!
The boys watched for their dad to come home from work each day so they could walk down the drive and hitch a ride in our new blazer.

Big brother taking care of little sister.....
Daddy and daughter.....
Looks like hubbie is the only happy one in this picture .....
Looks like it was a hot August by the lack of clothing everyone has on that year.
This August so far has been close to normal mid 80's temps. A storm is brewing in the Atlantic that has a medium chance of becoming a hurricane in the next week to wake up a sleeping Atlantic hurricane season so far.
Hubbie and I took advantage of the low 70 degree temps out in the covered patio this evening and watched the sky turn to a firery red glow this evening with the setting sun. Red sky at twilight sailers delight !!
Thankful for a wonderful Sunday with blessings and love from our Heavenly Father showering down.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I love those "lazy" Sunday afternoons. And sitting on the porch just can't be beat. Your kids sure were cute. Have a great day and God's blessings to you.