Saturday, August 1, 2015


Early alarm this morning so hubbie and I could get all the baking goods to market and set up for Georgia. In fact we followed her into the parking lot of market.
We got things set up and she went right to work selling.She is a very personable lady and everyone likes her so she is a very good asset to my business.
As hubbie and I headed back to the Honda we saw that an estate sale group was setting up a sale in the lot next to market so we just had to take a few minutes to check out what they had. We wound up with a load of things to take home. These are some of the useful things we found.

We did the chores before we unloaded our treasures because the temperature was rising pretty fast and we wanted to let the dogs get plenty of exercise before we put them back in their lots for the week.
We put Sadie and Flash in the lots and leave Annie loose to watch over the place and she does a good job. It does get them all off our regular schedule but they are pretty easy to get back to the regular routine when we get home.We had breakfast and then loaded the Honda with all our beach stuff.  The back of the Honda is not as spacious as my old Montana van was for sure. We were wondering if we were going to get it all packed in there.
We managed to get everything in except an extra case of water but we can  buy water when we get there.
We were loaded and ready to head out at 11:30.  Poor Bernie and Dolly watched us pack and did not understand why we were not taking them. After we shut the door they howled and barked as if to remind us they were being left behind.
I drove and we made wonderful time with pretty heavy traffic all the way. Thankfully we were headed down the mountain on I-26 as the traffic going up the mountain was backed up all the way to hwy 74 where got off. We are definitely going to have to remember to google that route on navbug before we get caught in a mess like that on our way home.
We stopped for lunch at a Wendy's in Wadesboro and spent almost an hour there by the time we stood in a long line to order then waited on our order.
Back on the road we had no problems and arrived at Oak Island around 5:00. We checked in at the realty and got to the house easily.
This is a beautiful house and this area doesn't seem crowded at all.
The sun is shining and it is hot at 89 degrees. We got all our things carried in and got settled in.
I walked around the house and took pictures.
From the beach .......
 Our bedroom.....
 Lots of beach front windows.....
Living room......
From the road.....
Walkway to the beach.....
 Beach front deck.....
All the beach front homes on Oak Island are set quite a way back behind the dunes so they are protected.
While we waited on #1 son and his family to arrive I set up my new laptop and got it up and running.
They arrived at 7:30 safely thanks be to God.
After we got them unloaded hubbie, #1 son and I made a grocery store run while d-in-love an g-son stayed at the house and recovered from the long ride.
On the way to the store the sun was setting over the intercoastal waterway.

We got groceries and picked up some late supper from Taco Bell on the way back to the house.
After we ate and got things put away I caught up my blog writing while we waited on #2 son and daughter to arrive.
They arrived at 11:30 safely thanks again to God's traveling mercies for the entire family today.
Talked to Heather and Bernie and Dolly were not being very friendly this afternoon when she fed them and didn't eat their food. She had went out with one of her friends and was headed home when I called her so I don't know how things went when she got home.
I am so grateful to God for the safe travel day for my family and all the other blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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What a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy.