Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Up early to get the chores done before Re brought the kids over . She worked all night last night and needed to sleep today.  So these two little sweeties stayed with me.

The weather is perfect this morning so  we headed outside for some fun. El loves to push baby brother around in the stroller.
She always finds plenty to do outside.

Baby BB appeared to be taking notes so he can best his sister in just a short time !!!
Anything we do or anywhere we go is A-okay with this little happy boy.
We came in for lunch when the sunshine got too hot outside.
After they ate they both went down for their afternoon nap.
I sat out in the sun for my daily dose of vitamin D while I watched the monitors. I try to keep the house as quiet as possible when they both go down for a nap together.
About 3:00 they both work up. I fed BB another bottle, he has been a hungry boy today, polishing off almost all the milk mom brought for him.
Mom came after them around 3:30 after a good day's rest.
Hubbie was late getting home after he stopped at daughter's house to spray weed killer.
I sat out in the covered patio and almost went to sleep before he came home.
After chores we ate supper then moved some things around in the kitchen so the Sear's repair man can get to the oven easier tomorrow for the repair. I hope it is a quick fix as I need to bake cakes some time tomorrow. The ovens both work now but shut off during cooking on their own which creates burned cake tops if I am not watching very closely.
As hubbie and I ended the evening sitting for a few minutes outside I got chill bumps when a breeze kicked up signaling that Fall can't be far away.
This week's temperatures are so nice. Loving that 56 degrees tonight !!!
Got a call from daughter tonight saying she was pulling up some weeds and got in a Yellowjacket nest in her yard. She got stung 3 times on her back. Josh was there mowing her lawn and they put baking soda and vinegar on the stings and watched that they didn't swell. They were going to gas the nest after it got dark.
Hubbie couldn't believe he didn't get into the nest today while he sprayed weed killer as he walked over the same area.
Thanking God for the wonderful blessings of today and asking for His grace in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

It is so nice that you get to take care of those sweet little ones. Hopefully your oven repair is a simple fix. Praying your daughter has a quick recovery from her yellow jacket stings. Ouch!! Nights have been cooling off around here and the days have been cooler also. Seems almost cold after all the warm days we had. Blessings