Friday, August 14, 2015


G-son's arrival at 7:30 am got my busy Friday off to an early start.
After chores, breakfast and devotions I headed off on my morning walk. My oldest brother was working in his shop and stopped me as I walked past. We talked for almost 30 minutes. His son, Mark is moving into #1 son's doublewide  just across the hill from us. He has never lived alone before and is only 21 years old. This will be a great experience for him and a chance to get his budget in line before he actually buys the place from #1 son.
Back inside I iced 6 of the 30 caramel cakes I made last night. I need a caramel cake to take to church after lunch for a family dinner after a funeral of one of our church members today.
I baked 4 chocolate layer cakes, 7 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes between answering g-son's questions and getting him food. He has been content to rest today after what he says was "a long day" yesterday. I didn't ask for an explanation after the look on his face when he said that.
I iced 6 more of the caramel cakes before giving my aching back a rest while doing paperwork. The clouds had moved in and the wind kicked up like a storm was coming so we stayed inside. I got the month ending figures for July and they showed I had a very good month of sales. These numbers are a bit misleading compared to the years past July's because in those years our vacation week was in July. This year August will be short a week so it will all even out.
When hubbie got home we walked over to the doublewide and talked to Mark as he was getting moved in. We met his girl friend Brooke who seems to be  a very nice girl.
After d-in-love picked up g-son I iced 6 more caramel cakes to make it easier on my still aching back.
There was no relaxing time for me this evening even to watch the news. After supper and chores I started right back to icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
I finished about 11:30 and fell into bed , after a very tiring but accomplishing day.
Grateful for all the strength God gives me each day and strive to glorify Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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