Sunday, August 2, 2015


My alarm sounded way to early this morning after spending a restless night of sleeping in a different bed than I am used to. Ever since hubbie and I bought our memory foam mattress I have trouble sleeping on any other mattress.
Everyone was already up except daughter when I got down to the kitchen. We all had breakfast as daughter got up before we were finished.
It is a beautiful day and not even any strong wind today so we headed out to our first day on the beach.
This little guy was anxious to get this vacation started !!
 First order of business was a shade canopy. D-in-love has to keep cool and the rest of us I'm sure before the day is over will take our turn under the shade of this canopy.

  I love the big wide beach in this area and it isn't crowded at all where we are.

 G-son couldn't wait to get into those waves so #2 son and daughter took their turn with him first.

Before the day was over we all had our turns in the water with him.

We came inside for lunch then went right back out to the beach, for a full day of fun and sun at the beach.

We took the canopy down and came in about 4:30 this afternoon. After everyone got showers #1 son, hubbie and I went to Sub Way to pick up our supper for today.
After we ate the guys went surf fishing and daughter and I took a long walk on the beach. We walked down past the Oak Island lighthouse.

This was our lucky day as we walked up on this baby turtle hatching with perfect timing. The first little Loggerhead was just making its way down the pathway created by the turtle nest watchers just as we walked up.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. I was filled with the awe as I watched these little baby Loggerheads race from the safety of their nest high on the dry beach into the rushing waves of the warm ocean.

I kept thanking Jesus for putting daughter and I at the perfect place at the perfect time. And this was just the mood lifter that I needed for this week. If these little guys, so small and vunerable eagerly
make such a giant leap of faith with seemingly no fear what do I have to worry about ???

The "turtle watchers" couldn't touch the turtles with their bare hands but they used gloves and buckets to scoop up a couple wayward little guys who thought the path was away from the water instead of toward it. They said they knew exactly how many eggs were in this nest because they had moved it out of the tide up out of the tide, there was 132 eggs in it but only 22 hatched.

As daughter and I made our way back past a now very luminous lighthouse and back to our beach house we really hope that we might be blessed with another opportunity to let g-son witness this wonder of nature in some of the other nest nearby that are scheduled to hatch in the coming days.

Hubbie, #1 and #2 son were still on the beach fishing when we got back. They said they had caught several fish but nothing of any size.

G-son watched the video of the racing little turtle hatchlings several times in awe when we told him about our good fortune.
I talked to Heather tonight and God seemed to have intervened back at home also as she said Dolly began eating her food today and all was well at the farm.
I feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders tonight as I sit quietly in our bedroom and type this blog ready for an early bedtime to hopefully sleep better tonight.
As the sun set on our first day of beach fun it has been a perfect day, thanks to our Heavenly Father.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

What a fun day and a wonderful miracle to witness.