Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Thankfully the sun was bright outside the windows this morning. I headed down to have breakfast with hubbie, #2 son, daughter and g-son who were already up.
We ate out on the front deck as we watched the ocean waves break on the beach, ahhhh , a very good way to start the day.
After everyone finished eating we headed on down to the beach to get our canopy set up and get ready for a day of fun in the sun.
Daughter and I decided to walk to the end of the island and check out the turtle nest that were next to hatch according to the lady at the last nest that hatched.
We ended up going all the way to the Cape Fear river where all the big cargo ships were going in and out of.

Along this beach , which surrounds the Fort Caswell Baptist Camp there isn't much beach at high tide and as we walked it was nearing the noon hour high tide today.
At the end we could see the Bald Island light house.

As we headed back the tide caught us and we had to walk through the waves in a couple places which for me made the walk harder because I have to wear shoes with my arch supports in them to walk like this so when they get wet they are slick and hard to walk in. I don't dare walk barefoot with my bad knees.
Daughter has a "fitbit" and it said we had walked 5 miles by the time we rejoined the family on the beach at our canopy.
It felt good for me to just sit and make pictures the rest of the day as everyone played on the beach and in the ocean waves.

The waves were terribly rough today but the ocean water was cooler than Sunday and Monday.
G-son really loves the ocean waves and stayed in the water almost the entire day.

We took our canopy down and came inside for showers about 4:30.
Hubbie and #2 son went into town to a BBQ House and picked up a take out supper for us.
It was very good BBQ and we all enjoyed it .
After we ate daughter, g-son and I went to check on the turtle nest that are already tunneled off , but here wasn't any activity yet.
Unfortunately high tide tonight is around midnight if they are hatching then so we will miss these.

Daughter and g-son played a game of tag as we walked along.

We found the Fort Caswell life guard stand .

Having fun on the beach .....

Love this little guy, although he isn't so little anymore.....

Walking into a lovely sunset to end another really nice day of beach fun.

God is so good, He is a magnificent creator of all the beauty for our eyes to behold. One reason I love to come to the seashore is the pure beauty of nature that only a loving Creator could bless His children with.
Good Night and God Bless

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