Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Rain and high winds greeted us this morning. G-son said this must be what a hurricane looks like !!!
As we had breakfast the rain stopped and the clouds were flying across the sky so we were hoping the winds would blow the storm on past us quickly. The ocean looks very scary today with white caps as far as you can see.
Daughter needed her bus driver CDL license so she looked on the internet for a local DMV and found  that a mobile one was in South Port today.
We had been wanting to go look around at the little shops there anyway so today was a perfect time for both.
Hubbie and #2 son went along also. We dropped her at the DMV which was a big bus like the the mobile health clinics use. There were two people standing outside already so we thought she would have a wait so we drove on to find a parking spot and walk uptown. We went into a Christmas House and before I was finished paying for a couple ornament gifts I found in there daughter called and said she was finished. Turns out the two people on the outside were both waiting for the one person that was inside taking her test so daughter got right in.
Southport is an old town on the Cape Fear river, it reminds me a lot of Brevard in our mountains.

This guy was happily watching the shoppers walk past this shop.

We all looked around in several of the little shops, mostly antique and specialty shops.

We ate at this little corner market deli where they served Boar's head in their sandwiches. The food was very reasonable and very good. I had a turkey breast greek salad in a roasted red pepper wrap and it was delicious.
 We all look like we enjoyed our meal.

When we came out of the deli the rain was beginning so it was a race back to the Honda.
As we drove out of town we stopped in several thrift stores where the prices were great.
And in one of the consignment shops daughter couldn't pass these two tables up that perfectly match her things in her house.

We will struggled to find room to get them home but I'm sure where there is a will there is a way !!!
I almost bought this old spinning wheel. It was priced at $136 and was 50% off today.
It came apart so we could find room I think . I just don't know where I would put it in my house. I decided to wait until we get the car packed and then if there is room I will stop back by here and if it is still here then it must be meant for me to have it !!!!
We met up with #1 son's family who were just out for a drive after getting bored sitting in the house all day and went to a Habitat Re-store. No one found anything in there but #2 son and the china cabinet he found was way too big to even dream of finding room to haul home.
Back home the sun was starting to break through the clouds so daughter and I went for a walk on the beach. We kept watching the ominous clouds as they started to follow us up the beach. But in front of us was blue sky so we kept walking.

Until !!!!!!  The rain caught up with us.  We ran from the beach up someone's walkway and across the road to a house that looked like no one was there to get under the porch and call hubbie to come get us. We were soaked !!!  That's not sweat glistening off our skin and making my hair curly.
Our knight in a shiny Honda Pilot arrived with beach towels to dry us in no time flat and we were back in the house and dry.
Now the sun came back out !!!  The weather here at the coast changes quicker than our mountain weather.
We fixed spaghetti for supper tonight with salad and Texas toast.
We all ate way too much and I needed to do something to work off all that food so with the sun shining daughter and I joined by hubbie this time went out on another walk . This time down the road so we would be out of the wind.  To our dismay as soon as we looked over our shoulders this is what we saw following us again.
Optomistic that we couldn't get rained on twice the same day we continued on to the Oak Island light house.

The pavement was causing my hip to hurt and daughter wanted to walk on the beach anyway so we switched over to the beach for the walk home.

As we walked we watched the sky get darker and darker and saw the streaks of rain fall from the clouds.

Just as we were nearing our house the rain began again, but we only got sprinkled on before we made it back inside.
#2 son was sitting watching us hurrying up the walk from the beach and he said we should have learned the first time !!!
Another wonderfully blessed beach day. God is good every day in every way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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