Thursday, August 27, 2015


Up and getting ready for market early this morning. Another cloudy morning greeted me with 58 degree temps it is feeling a lot like Fall.
I made it to market on time but there was no one there to notice !!!
I was right about the school starting slow down but I am grateful for all that I did sell.  I am glad I didn't push the issue yesterday and bake more !!
I looked around market for some Wolf River apples to make apple butter with but none of the apple growers had any today. This is an old apple variety and not good to eat so not many growers even have these any more. They make a very good thick apple butter so I try to find some each year just for that.
It always amazes me as I look around market at the few customers who even choose to walk though today and wonder how a week  can make that much difference but it does.

Oh well,maybe now I can catch my breath and catch up on all those task I've been too busy all summer to get done.
After market I stopped at the bank, p.o., Sav Mor, Aldi and Walmart and made it home by 4:15.
I got things unloaded and put away before hubbie got in from work.  I am very tired this evening. A slow market day makes me more tired than a busy day. I sat down to watch the news and fell asleep .
Hubbie was outside mowing the lawn so the 4-legged kids and I were snuggling in the recliner.
I woke up just in time for chore time. We ate a salad for supper and then we took a  short break out in the covered patio as darkness fell.
The days are certainly getting noticeably shorter.
Daughter called tonight and said her JV volleyball team won tonight making them 2-0 but the varsity lost in four sets to Reynolds HS, they are 0-2 .
She said they are clearing the lot next to hers in her development and she is wondering if they sold it.
The house behind her is for sale again so she may have a couple new neighbors.
I am headed to bed early tonight to she if I can get recharged for a busy Friday.
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and for His unending love all the time.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love the pictures of your "market", looks like an interesting place to browse around and shop in. The days seem to be getting cooler and shorter around here also. I'm thinking we will have an early Fall this year. Have a wonderful weekend and may God Bless you.