Friday, August 21, 2015


After chores I was having breakfast out in the sunroon watching the birds when g-son arrived. D-in-love has a 9:30 doctor's appointment so he was late getting here.
After getting him his breakfast I had my devotions and started baking. I decided not to walk this morning, although my knee does feel better I don't want to push it.  I'll be standing in the kitchen a long time today. I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate. 1 coconut/pineapple, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch.
G-son had already eaten his ramon noodles and bacon he asked for earlier.
The clouds have ruled most of the day today with only a few peeks of sunshine.  I went outside to pull weeds from my patios and steps and the sun greeted me briefly then hid behind a really dark cloud , but we got no rain.
Back inside I rested and watched a little hummingbird feast on the Geraniums outside the doors.I tried to get my long lens to focus on the moving bird but had to use my phone and its not a good picture through the screen door.
 Then he perched long enough on this tree branch to get some good pictures with the long lens. A rare opportunity for them to be still for this long.

And there he goes.............

I took g-son over to school at 4:30 so he would be there with his mom when their "meet the teacher" session began at 5:00. He was very nervous and talked all the way over there about how many butterflies were in his stomach. He said he had never been this nervous before and I told him that comes with age, that everyone is nervous when we are starting something new and it is a good thing.
I don't think he agreed , haha !!!
I left him with his mom so maybe he would be better before it was time to go to his new classroom.
Back home I watched the news and then did chores. I wanted to put my knee up a little while before I stood for all my icing duties tonight so I went outside to the covered patio for a while.
G-son came up and said he had fun tonight and thought he was going to like this teacher, Mrs. Thomas, and that a lot of his friends were in the same class.
The sun came out just in time to create a pretty sunset.

After I shut the chickens up just before dark, which now comes around 8:30, I started my icing.
I iced cakes and wrapped and got things ready for market by midnight. Seems this is my magic hour these days. It will be better for me when darkness falls earlier.
I thank God for another blessing filled day and ask for His grace for g-son as he starts his 3rd grade year in school, that it be all he hopes it will be.
God Bless.

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