Tuesday, August 18, 2015


G-son arrived at 7:30 ready for his waffles and chocolate milk breakfast.  It had rained overnight so there was another light fog this morning, guess that means another snow for the winter !!
I emptied only 1/4inch from the rain gauge on my way to do the morning chores but the clouds are still really low so maybe we will get more today.
After chores and breakfast I took a walk in the muggy morning air.
 As I walked by the grapevines I marveled at the grape crop we have his year. This is the second year in a row that these vines have been totally loaded with grapes. I see some grape jam making in my near future.

The sun was trying it's best to peek through the clouds as I came inside. Dolly was determined to soak up every little ray that came through. I think with her age and arthritic joints she loves the warmth of the sun.

This is housecleaning day and my house surely needs a good cleaning. With all my extra baking, the canning duties and vacation time I have neglected alot of the cleaning I usually do each week.
Today with the cloudy skies and things pretty well caught up I got out all the cleaning supplies and started to work. G-son had to move a couple times from room to room to avoid the wrath of my cleaning frenzy.
Stopping only for a quick lunch I finally fell into a chair out in the sunroom to rest my back that was racked with spasms from all the vacuuming , sweeping and mopping.
I watched this squirrel visiting the quail in this cage. Wonder what this male quail was thinking as he watched the squirrel.

The clouds grew really dark as I sat there sipping a hot cup of green tea. Just as the rain started to fall my phone rang and it was #2 son. He asked if I could run up to his house and let the furniture deliverers in with a china cabinet he bought yesterday. They were supposed to deliver it next Tuesday on his day off but got their wires crossed. In the pouring rain g-son and I went up there and let them in with it. They tried to wait the rain out but when it didn't seem to be moving on quickly they covered each half of the cabinet and brought it inside without getting it wet.
It is a really nice piece of furniture and matches son's house perfectly. He has a very good eye for a man !!!!
By the time g-son and I headed back home the rain had almost stopped, leaving a quick 1/2 inch in the gauge this time. I like these type rains, no thunder or lightening , just thirst quenching rain.
I got the box of Roma tomatoes daughter brought me Saturday and the ones I gleaned from my garden last night and got them ready for canning.
I intended to make some nice thick salsa with all these Romas but when I looked into my supply of "Mrs. Wages" mixes I only had Pasta sauce mix left so these became 5 1/2 quarts of delicious thick pasta sauce.

Hubbie tasted it and declared it the best I had ever made !!!
I did evening chores and had a light supper while letting this sauce water bath for 40 minutes.
Even with the drought of this summer our garden has surpassed itself with furnishing us fresh produce to eat and some to put up for the cold days of winter. I am so grateful each time I can or freeze our extra produce that God gives us plenty.
With the fourth named system of the Atlantic hurricane season being named today I wonder what the coming end of summer days will add to this summer's weather pattern.
This is Danny who is expected to become a hurricane.
We complain about a "hot" summer here back in July when the temperature got in the 90's but these folks out west really have more right to complain with the heat wave they are seeing this month.
This heat wave is causing wild fires to run rampant in several western states, officials in some of these states are asking for help from other countries as fire fighting supplies and people in this country are exhausted. The smoke from these fires is covering  alot of the country.
Tonight I pray for all the folks out west in the paths of these fires and for the fire fighters as they battle these fires in triple digit temperatures. May God be with all of you and put His protective arms around you.
Thankful for my blessings of this day and everyday.
Good night and God Bless

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linda m said...

God has really blessed you with a bountiful garden this year. Nothing beats home grown produce. We are finally getting some much needed rain. Have a wonderful day and God's Blessings to you.