Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1976 GRACE

Our king size bed was just a little crowded last night but after I got to sleep we all slept pretty well, or  at least I did !!!
G-son was awake as soon as he hear the alarm this morning and getting ready for scout camp.
I fixed his breakfast then we got his lunch packed and away we went.
He was one of the first ones there again today and he said he liked that. One of his friends came in before I left. I found out later that d-in-love had mistakenly told us the camp started at 8:30 when it was actually 8:50 so that's why he has been the first to arrive in his group.
Back home I did chores and had breakfast before taking a nice walk around the lower pastures. The creek is getting very low from all the crop irrigating and no rain !!  But this low slow motion of the water looks so peaceful !
I came back to the house and started my housecleaning Tuesday duties. If I really stick with cleaning and don't get interrupted I can clean my entire house in a little over 2 hours. Today was one of those rare uninterrupted days and I mopped myself out the back door a little after 2:00 to take a nice break while the floors dried.
The clouds were covering the sun mostly but it was nice just to relax a little before my busy late afternoon.
I picked up g-son after his second day of Cub Scout camp and he wasn't quite as tired today and he was excited to eat some of the "armpit" fudge he had made !!!!

We were going to Sam's Club to meet up with daughter and hubbie. While we waited for them he ate some of his fudge but said it wasn't as good as some of the boys who had eaten theirs earlier said it was !!!
I said I didn't expect anything that came from your armpit to be that good !!!!  He explained to me that the candy was in a bag and you just worked it with your armpit,thus the name.  Hubbie picked him up on his way home leaving daughter and I to wedding supply shop. We bought all the silverware, cups, plates, pans, lemonade mix and small bottles of water today. That was all we could fit in daughter's car. We also checked on prices and order times for the meat and sides we are having.
I got home just after 6:00 and she went to volleyball practice.
I did the chores then had supper when I got home. The sky was very dark but we got no rain again tonight.
Back in June of 1976 I had a small boat and my youngest brother was my fishing buddy back then. We made trips to Glenville Lake and Fontana lake which is formed by a massive power dam.

I remember one fishing trip to Fontana that didn't end very well. Brother and I had fished all day and decided to do some night fishing for the huge catfish that we had heard were in the Little Tennessee River that feeds Fontana Lake. We found a perfect spot just under the river bridge on some rock cliffs along side the river. To attract the cat fish we built a big fire on that rock close to the water. We sat down hanging our feet over the side of the rock and dropped our fishing lines in the water to wait for that big catfish bite !!!  I don't recall how long we had sat there but God's angel tapped me on the shoulder and told me to shine the flash light down between my feet. Must have been my guardian angel because I didn't shine that light anywhere else except straight into the eyes of a big dark water moccasin scaling that rock already up between my knees !!!   I jumped straight up, only the grace of God kept me from falling into that river !!!  I always carried a pistol when we went fishing because we were two young folks and I made sure we had some protection. I shot the quickly climbing snake off the rock back into the water.  With the flashlight my brother and I peered into the water at the edge of the rock. A snake was still swimming around trying to climb the rock and just as my brother rubbed me for missing the snake at that close range there was the snake I shot with a hole just behind his head joining the first snake and as we stood for a moment transfixed on the churning river water we watched it fill with snakes being drawn to the warmth our big fire was giving off.  Let me tell you it did not take us long to gather all our things , kick the fire into the river on the snakes and climb out of that "perfect fishing spot"   !!!!
Only by the grace of God that night were we not snake bitten or drown. That was our last trip to Fontana lake !!! I still shiver thinking how close that snake was to being in my lap !!!!
It is the things like this that have happened in my life that I know God was with me for only He could have saved me from myself most of the time but this time from all those snakes which were probably poison cottonmouths.
I feel more  and more as I age that everyday I need this !!!!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Wow, what a scary thing to happen to you. Definitely God was watching over you that night. Your picture says it all. Blessings