Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Just me and g-daughter this morning at 7am looking for something to occupy ourselves until chore time and sleep is not on g-daughter's list !!!
She watched TV while I did chores and then we had breakfast. She refused a 10:00 nap and an 11:00 nap and finally slept for about 20 minutes at noon.
I did housework between rocking her trying to get her to sleep.
Lunch time around here can get very interesting some days !!!
She followed me around after lunch in her walker in all the places she could squeeze the walker into!
Her afternoon followed her morning and she did not want to take a nap for some reason.
After the floors were all mopped we headed outside to play bubbles until mom got here to pick her up.

She loves this game !!!!  Can't believe she is this happy after just 20 minutes of sleep today !
After d-in-love left with her I relaxed for awhile knowing hubbie would be late getting home because he stopped by daughter's to spray weed killer on some of her property.
I was doing the chores when he came home.
He brought me a cutting of some Spiderwort flower she had and we planted that in the rich soil below the hen lot.
As I had supper tonight I admired these smile invoking sunflowers that are still looking so fresh.
It is a cool evening after a low 80's breezy sunny day the temperature is dipping into the upper 50's tonight with a drop in the jet stream that is allowing cooler air to drop into our area through mid week.
Grateful for the blessings of today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

G-daughter has the cutest smile. How could she be so cheerful after only a 20 minute nap? Blessings