Sunday, June 5, 2016


Well I was right about that nap yesterday and was still awake after 2am this morning.
I slept in a little this morning and then did chores and got ready for church. I put hubbie and I some thin steaks in the pressure cooker to have after  church. We aren't  having a family lunch today because we are going to Josh's parents property in Green Creek,NC for a wedding shower and BBQ this afternoon.
Church was touching today as we celebrated our graduates. This is the total graduating class from our church this year, 6 from North High, 2 from West High, 1 from East High and 2 college graduates.

They called them up one by one and presented them with this little devotion book.

This is a pic of the North High graduates as they get ready to begin this next phase of their lives.
We came home after the service and had our quick lunch then waited for daughter to finish her part at the high school Baccalaureate service for this year's class. I am proud that this high school is the only one in the county that still has this God based service for the graduates.
Daughter is a sponser of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the school and made a short speech at the service today.
Josh brought her here as soon as she finished and we picked up #1 son's family and headed south.
Josh's parents bought a piece of land in Green Creek to build their future home on once they sell the house they live in now.
On the property there is an old barn that is still in very good shape. They have worked to fix it up and it looked really good.
The kids had a blast playing together and g-son loved driving this "police car" around the yard.
He took g-daughter for a ride and she loved it !!!

G-daughter loved playing with Addie.
The food was wonderful and the fellowship awesome, the weather was perfect and all of this made for a very nice evening with soon to be family. They had a money tree and a few gifts that they decided to open after they got home.

G-daughter was just plain happy to be there !!!
We reluctantly left about 7:00 to get home before dark and get the chores done.
All the animals were very glad to see us, haha.
It started sprinkling rain here just as we started out to do the chores but it didn't amount to much.
Hubbie and I are both wiped out again tonight and ready for an early bedtime. I think we are still suffering from the heat exhaustion of yesterday as today was a nicer cooler day in the mid 70's and cloudy.
In other news today the third tropical storm of the season was named today and is going to drench northern Florida as it moves over it and out to sea.
Grateful to God for a wonderful blessed Sunday and prayers for daughter and Josh as they get ready to begin a life together.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful place. Josh's parents place looks very nice. Take a rest today Blessings