Tuesday, June 28, 2016


After the kids got here early this morning I fixed g-son his breakfast of waffles and chocolate milk and then took g-daughter back to bed with me. D-in-love said she had been up since 6am and needed to sleep more.
She did go right back to sleep but just before the 8am alarm sounded she was wide awake after a short 30 minutes of extra sleep.
She played in her entertainment saucer while I did chores then we had breakfast.  She loves to be in the same room as her brother so I brought this playpen up for her to play in.
G-son was happy to play with her for a while in it.
She was excited about something new !!!
I cleaned house while they entertained themselves this afternoon. I got everything cleaned but the living room and that can wait until tomorrow when d-in-love is off .
G-daughter did not want to sleep longer than 30 minutes at either of her naps today so she was a bit fussy this afternoon but her wonderful big brother let her sit with him and watch TV and that made her happy.
After d-in-love picked them up hubbie and I did chores and had supper. The clouds make the sky really pretty tonight but thankfully we have had no storms today, only a light shower early this morning.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and looking forward to what God has in my plan for tomorrow !!
God Bless and Good

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linda m said...

Nothing better than children laughing and playing. Love the picture of the cloud formations. Blessings