Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This is  how I start each day . Reading one of these daily devotions and then a couple pages of the Bible. This helps put the important things in proper perspective for me early in the day.
After chores and breakfast I set out this morning on a long walk since this is d-in-love's first day off this summer leaving me childless. I managed to sneak away from the dogs and headed for the bottom pasture. As I walked along the creek I noticed to my surprise that the "drought rock" still had water running over it.
The pretty purple Chicory is blooming amount the Buttercups.
As I walked up around the barn I spotted and heard this little singer singing his heart out perched on the Martin Gourds. I wonder if this little guy is taking up residence in one of the gourds.

I came back inside and started cleaning house.
G-son called and wanted to come up and stay with me while his mom and other g-ma went grocery shopping.
He had lunch then  played on his I-pad inside in the cool as the temperature finally broke the record outside today with a sunny high of 92 degrees.

Aunt T came by to drop off frozen blackberries to thaw in the fridg until tomorrow's jam making time at Re's house.
While she was here he talked her into a quick game of badminton .

At least they only landed one of the birdies on the roof.
After she left #2 son came by to pick up some framed chalkboards hubbie had made for her wedding. #2 son is good at artistic writing so he is going to put menus and other things on the boards.
G-son caught a ride home with him as the thunder started bringing dark clouds our way.
I rested in the sunroom waiting to see what the thunder would bring. This storm went north of us so after hubbie got home we got the chores done early in case the clouds brought another rain.
With thunder in the distance all evening we only received a drizzle of rain.
I got started on my decade picture search for June tonight but only got one year done .
Today is the 239th birthday of our American flag. I hope everyone took time to stop and thank all the men and women that have fought under this flag over all those years.

Thanking God for a blessed day and for loving me as He always does.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Your walk looked so peaceful. I too start my day with a devotional reading and prayers. LAter in the day I read my Bible along with more devotional readings. Blessings P.S. I flew my Flags outside yesterday to celebrate Flag Day.