Monday, June 6, 2016


Monday mornings are always pretty easy for me as hubbie is off on Mondays and gets up to meet g-daughter and bring her back to bed.
This morning she wanted nothing to do with going back to sleep so he got up with her leaving me to get some extra sleep.
When I got up they were in the kitchen , he was frying eggs and she was eating waffle bits he gave her.
 I did chores and then came inside and fixed her applesauce and cereal for breakfast and hubbie fed her while I ate my breakfast.
We played for a few minutes until she got tired and ready for her morning nap.
While she slept this morning hubbie and I took the portable monitor and went to do some late plantings in the garden.
I planted okra , spaghetti squash and acorn squash while hubbie worked on a raised bed row to plant some sweet potato plants he had bought just to try them one more time.
We tried growing sweet potatoes once before and they didn't do well . He wanted to try this raised row method to see what happens. I don't think our soil is right for sweet potatoes but we will see what happens.
When g-daughter woke up I came inside and started the weekly 3 loads of laundry. She was content to watch cartoons and bounce while I worked.
After lunch I took her outside in the stroller for a while until she got tired.
During her afternoon nap I did some housework while hubbie mowed the lawn.
Daughter came by after she got out of school and played with g-daughter after she woke up for a while. She is wanting to walk !!
D-in-love was late getting here this evening due to a bus driver not showing up this afternoon and the principle worried because that was not like her to just be a no show. The principle and another office worker went to the bus driver's house and found her very disoriented and needing an ambulance. D-in-love stayed at school and took care of things there while they were gone. It's good to know that there is that much concern for workers at this school. That's why I love living where we live.  Compassion is a dying emotion in alot of places but thankfully not around here.
After she left with g-daughter the rain from the outer bands of tropical storm Colin reached our area after a totally cloudy day. We got 3/10ths inch of rain in about 30 minutes as one of the bands blew through our area.

After the rain we did chores then rested for the evening.
I am still having trouble with my new I-phone 6 . Today all my incoming calls started going straight to voice mail without any notification to me once again and nothing that had worked to stop this before would work to fix it today.  I called Verizon and they walked me through resetting all the settings on the phone to see if this would help. I don't have much hope this fix will last as I have done this before and it last for a little while then the phone goes back to the same old thing with my calls. I may switch to US Cellular if they don't give me a new phone for this dud if this happens again.
I also called today and made blood draw and annual physical appointments for later this month.
I am very thankful for the blessings of this day and for the wonderful love of Jesus Christ my Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

That is really nice that the school cares that much about it's employees. A dying "feeling" if you ask me. G-daughter sure looks like she is ready to take off walking. Good luck with your sweet potatoes. Blessings