Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Got to sleep until 8:00 this morning as d-in-love is off and keeping the kids waiting for the heat pump repairman to get there this morning. As I stretched and listened to the morning news on the clock radio I got the news that an earthquake had happened really close to us just after midnight this morning. It was just south of East Flat Rock and registered 2.1. No damage was reported.
I did chores, had a leisurely breakfast out in the sunroom enjoying the sounds of early morning.
I took a long walk as the sun fought the clouds for position this morning.

The yard smells wonderful this  time of year with all the Mimosa trees bending low cover with fragrant blossoms.

I came back inside and spread all the blackberries on baking sheets to freeze before starting the baking for the day.

I baked 12 caramel,1 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch.
I went up and gleaned the garden and found some  yellow squash ready along with a couple small white cucumbers.
I cleaned the living room and was just finishing mopping the floor when d-in-love called and ask if the kids could come here while she went to the grocery store.
We stayed inside and watched a really bad storm skirt our area to the east. I'm thankful this one moved around us.
Unfortunately for the friends whose blackberry farm we picked at Sunday they were hit by hail during this storm. Hopefully it won't be too bad and totally ruin the crop.
We do need rain badly but when it all falls at once it runs off it doesn't help much and we are ending this month down almost 6 inches below normal rainfall and in a drought already for the summer.

After d-in-love picked up the kids  hubbie and I watched the news then did chores. I put some beets in the pressure pot for supper and had a piece of chicken breast with them for a yummy supper.
I ended  the day doing weekly paperwork, paying bills, icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
I guess I need to finish the decade pics for this month with the June 2006 photos. We had a nice ski boat then and went to the lake every chance we got with the kids. This is a trip with daughter. She was a good water skier.
Our 4-legged kids always went with us. We discovered Dolly could not swim , maybe because of her bad hips so she had to wear a "doggy" life jacket.
Bernie also loved the water and relaxing with daughter and me.
When I look at these pics of the dogs back in their younger days it makes me sad to see them now as Dolly is completely blind and Bernie suffers with his enlarged heart.
But these pics also make me glad that these two little dogs have had a great life with us and have been shown lots of love.
I am very thankful for the blessings of this day and the good report I received today from the bone density scan I had Monday. There has been  no change in my bone thinning over the past 2 years.
I'm forever grateful to my loving Lord for watching over me continuously.
God Bless and Good Night.

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