Monday, June 20, 2016


Well this first day of summer 2016 started early and stayed busy all day !!
With the arrival of g-son and g-daughter just after 7am hubbie got up to fix g-son his breakfast while I tried to get g-daughter back to sleep. Soon I gave that idea up and we joined the guys for breakfast.
Hubbie took g-son to his first day of Cub-Scout came over at Glen Marlow elementary school, about 20 minutes from here. He was excited to go and has always enjoyed this week since he has been a Cub Scout.
G-daughter had a good breakfast and then she played while I did the chores and got laundry started.
Hubbie came in to give her a morning bottle after he finished painting an old door that daughter wants #2 son to write something on.
G-daughter took her regular 30 minute nap and then went back to watching Daniel Tiger and playing.
Hubbie bush-hogged the upper pasture while I did more laundry.
We all had lunch together and then took a nice break out in the sunroom before the heat of the day got too bad.

Hubbie left at 3:30 to go pick up g-son from camp. 
Daughter came by after work to get ready to go up to Grand Highlands to figure some more wedding stuff out. Hubbie and g-son were a little late getting home as the dismissal was delayed because a lady fell and cut her head and hubbie had to help her until paramedics got there.
Daughter and Re headed on up the mountain to get there before 5 in case the manager left at 5.
Hubbie came in shortly after with a very tired g-son. He got out of  hubbie's truck and into my Honda and promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep the entire time we were there.
 It's hard to believe that in a little over 2 weeks this will be daughter and hubbie instead of Re walking down these same steps as he escorts her to say her "I Do's".
I pray that the weather looks like it does today when that day comes !!!

EL and BB thought this place was really a fun place !!
We got the information we needed and headed back down the mountain. We stopped by #1 son's house to drop the kids off and when g-son woke up he wanted to spend the night with us so he could sleep a little longer in the morning.
I fixed him supper while hubbie hauled the door he painted and some more signs daughter dropped off up to #2 son's house.
G-son was really hungry and ate second helpings of almost everything I fixed.
Then he relaxed on the couch to finish resting after a very hot active day and get ready for another one tomorrow.
The clouds moved in late this evening but rain never threatened here.

The 4th Atlantic tropical storm was named today , Danielle, but we will have no effects from it as it turns into Mexico.
After chores I washed g-son's clothes from today. This brought back many years of memories for me when both my boys went to these Cub Scout camps,I was always a leader and daughter was always a "tag along" so all our shirts had to be washed each night as we were required to wear the same shirt each day all week.
G-son said he really had fun today and I am glad he likes things like this to keep the summer boredom fended off a bit longer.
If you are outside tonight please look up !!!  This "Strawberry" moon is a beautiful sight. This is the first time since 1967 that the Strawberry moon and summer solstice has occurred on the same date and this won't happen again until the year 2062 !!!

Thankful for a blessed day and for a loving God who is always by my side.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Another fun filled day at your house. You are so blessed to have those beautiful grandchildren living so close. Blessings