Monday, June 13, 2016


First day of summer vacation for g-son !!!  He was ready for an exciting day when he and g-daughter arrived early this morning.
After chores and breakfast Re brought the kids over and we all headed for the Carl Sandburg's goat farm.
The kids were very excited to get to go on this adventure together, especially these two !!

To our disappointment there was a Fence class going on and they had all the baby goats using them for demonstration in this class so we had to go looking for bigger goats to pet.

G-son found his favorite from last year, Cinnamon , she was all grown up now but still very friendly.
Finally the FENCE class was over and g-daughter got to put her hands on one of the baby goats as it went from the class to the barn to be fed.

The other three kids watched the chickens for awhile.
Then EL decided this big cat was her favorite animal of the day and she wanted to take him home with her !!!
Thankfully the kids found other exciting things to do like pretending they were baby goats walking on this board.
 G-daughter was just her usual happy to be anywhere self !!

As we were leaving g-son and EL got some goat milk fudge to try and they both loved it.
We left there and stopped at Subway to have lunch.
 G-daughter tried small pieces of g-son's pizza and I think she will also be a pizza lover !!!
We all came home and while everyone else rested I got the weekly laundry started. I did three loads of laundry between getting things for both grands.
It is another record tying hot day as this record was a very old one set back in 1894 !!
Later in the afternoon when it cooled down a bit g-son and hubbie played a game of "netless" badminton .
They had fun until they knocked all the "birdies" up on the house roof.

They got a ladder and g-son retrieved them from the roof.

Then g-son drove the golf cart to haul the ladder back to the shed and then drove down to the road to get the mail. He loves driving the golf cart and it is good practice.
After d-in-love picked them up hubbie and I watched the news then did the chores. I watered the outside plants under the porches and then we relaxed with hot drinks for a while out in the covered patio to end a wonderful day.
Thanking God for the opportunity to have these kids around and get to watch them explore and grow.
Grateful for all my daily blessings.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Sounds like a really fun day. The heat here has subsided a little and right now it i raining. i will be going to Bible study a little later. Blessings