Saturday, June 18, 2016


When the 8:00 alarm sounds on Saturday morning I always envy all the folks who sleep in on Saturday morning.
Up and out to do the chores , I had to get hubbie to help me corral the 5 Silkie chicks I am taking for a man from Marion to pick up today.
This relieves the white Silkie of all her chicks so she went gladly back into the big Silkie lot.
She has already been laying eggs so I know she was ready to be away from her babies.
I put the chicks in an old slat crate I picked up at the flea market so they could get more air.
Hubbie put them in the floorboard of his truck to take to market.
We arrived to find a couple customers already waiting for us to start the day.
Sales were okay but not as good as I expected with the very nice cooler sunny weather we had today. With the high temp not reaching out of the high 70's it felt more like fall than almost summer.
But I am surely not complaining about the weather. Days like this make the summer heat much more bareable and tonight with these low 50's temps it is feeling chilly.

After market I stopped by Aldi and the farm outlet to pick up some fresh broccoli and kale greens.
After we unloaded the Honda I put the chicken tenders I had in the frig in the pressure cooker with the Kale greens for a nice healthy supper.
While they cooked hubbie finished mowing the lawn and I washed all the chicken waterers with soap and water. In summer time these collect algea quickly. I also cleaned out the now two empty chick brooder boxes to mark a couple things of the "to do" list for the week at least.
We had supper which was really good as the chicken tenders gave the Kale greens a wonderful flavor and vise versa for the chicken.
I was ready for a rest and sat out on the front porch  and watched the little Wrens in this gourd take their first flight.
I noticed the parent Wrens were flitting around on the porch singing to the top of their lungs and I wondered if something had gotten into the nest. They kept flying up to the gourd but never had any food in their beaks like they had the last several weeks we have watched them.
I got my big Cannon camera and with the flash was able to spot a baby bird still in the nest.
An then I saw another little yellow beak emerge to see what all the commotion was about.

The parent birds were very persistent in getting the babies attention and watching what I was doing at the same time.
I kept my camera lens on the nest as the little birds got braver and braver.

And then as if pushed by some invisible force they both fluttered downward landing in this Rubber tree .

They looked as if they weren't at all sure about leaving that cozy safe nest.

And I too thought they looked a little young to be on their own but as I continued the watch the transformation was a bit amazing as the parent birds encouraged the little ones into following them into the nearby shrubbery safely out of harms way hopefully for the evening.
As I marveled at the faith of these little birds to take that leap out into the unknown from the safety of their nest I was deeply moved with the wonder of God's creations once again as His hand was so evident on these baby birds in their first flight. To watch the faithful obedience of these babies as they took that great leap of faith knowing things were changing forever at that moment was wonderfully encouraging that God is in control.
After this week of violence in Orlando, Fl with the killing of 49 people in a gay nightclub by a man who pledged to ISIS and we listen to our leaders bash each other over gun and immigrant control I agree we need change in this country. But the change I believe we need is to allow God to get back in control. We need God now more than ever to put an end to all this senseless violence. This country was founded "In God We Trust" and we need to get back to this kind of faith. The same faith these baby birds had this evening. Put our trust in God !
God Bless and Good Night.

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