Saturday, June 11, 2016


Another busy day on tap as I crawl out of bed and try to shake of the stupor of not getting enough sleep after getting in bed so late last night.
Hurried through chores and made it to market about 10 minutes early today. Business was okay and I had several orders so that helped me out. The neighbor vendor that had the car accident and haven't been back to market since came in today and brought daughter's shower gift. Lynn said that it would be another couple weeks before they came back because Steve just had his gall bladder removed yesterday.
As the heat mounted market cleared out after lunchtime. The 91 degrees on the thermometer on the street  was 1 degree from a record for today.

I left market at 1:00 today to get home and unloaded and get up to church to help set up daughter's bridal shower. We called it a bridal Tea party and had different types of tea bags for hot tea or had iced tea along with snack foods and cake.

These pictures d-in-love put up were a nice touch.

There was a good crowd that dropped in and had tea with us !!
G-daughter and EL had a good time socializing.

And this little one that is the youngest daughter of daughter's college best friend was happy to sit with the shower honoree !!
EL got to help Aunt T open all her gifts and she really got some nice things .

And then it was time to clean up and get home for someone to get a nap !!!
Thanks to all who helped make this day a special one for daughter, I know she loved it !!
As the wedding shower came to an end the outside showers began as the thunder we had been hearing brought 3/10ths inch of rain to cool off the sweltering evening nicely.
But it made packing our cars tricky and we all got wet !!!
#1 son and g-son came to help clean up things and load.
I came home and waited out the second shower before getting the animals their suppers.
I am tired tonight but it is a good accomplished tired feeling.
Grateful to God for the wonderful day and for His everlasting love everyday. Prayers for daughter and Josh as the big day gets closer !!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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