Thursday, June 16, 2016


G-daughter and g-son arrived at 7am this morning. I got g-son some waffles for breakfast and then layed back down with g-daughter for a few minutes as she acted like she needed to sleep a little more. This is grandmotherhood at it's finest !!!!!
After a short nap she acted like she was ready for the busy day and brother was a big help taking care of her while I did chores this morning.
We all three headed for market arriving right on time. Daughter met us there to help get things unloaded and set up.
G-son was shopping and found this duck like hubbie used to make at one of the neighbor's tables.
Daughter and g-son left shortly after we got set up to meet Re and the kids for a swimming date.
G-daughter relaxed in the really getting warm market this morning.
Sales were pretty good today especially with the big camp order for 10 caramel cakes picked up this morning.
After lunch it got uncomfortably hot inside market and customers I'm sure searched for more cool shopping venues. This was the thermometer in my van. 93 degrees !!!
I got help from these two market kids, Cora and Cailynn Case as they entertained g-daughter while I got everything loaded back in the Honda.
She went quickly to sleep in the air conditioning while I ran our weekly errands. I made supply stops at Sav Mor, Ingles, Aldi and Walmart which she woke up each time I stopped.
Daughter sent me these pics from the pool .Looks like the three of them had a good time.

That was a great way to spend this 93 degree afternoon !!!
We got home at 4:00 and unloaded. D-in-love has to work 10 hour days in summer so she won't get off until 5:00.
Hubbie came in from work just as daughter dropped g-son off after putting labels and cloth doilys on all her jam jars.
That is a big job finished at least. All she needs is a few more labels.
#2 son who has amazing art talent made this menu for her on one of the chalkboards hubbie made and painted for her last week.
Things are quickly coming together as the time draws closer to the big day !!!
After chores this evening I relaxed for the evening.
Grateful to God for an amazingly blessed day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

#2 son did a fantastic job on the chalk board. 93 is a tad warm for me. Glad you had a good Market day despite the heat. Love the "grandmotherhood" picture. blessings