Saturday, June 25, 2016


Up at 7am today to beat the downtown crowd going to the antiques show on Main st.  Hubbie is a pallbearer at his aunt Allene's funeral this morning so daughter and Re are meeting me at 8:30 at market to help unload and get set up.
Daughter came in right after me and Re picked up g-son who was going with his aunt T to spend the afternoon hiking with is soon to be cousins.
They all headed uptown to look at the antiques while it was still cool. Daughter found the perfect door for a photo booth that some friends are setting up at the wedding and Re got an old bread box to add to her collection.
As soon as they came back from uptown g-son went with daughter and Josh's 2 brothers, wives and kids for a hike up to a waterfall in Dupont Forest.

It was a great day to be in the cool waters of a mountain stream for sure this afternoon. 94 degrees,yikes !!!

Market sales were pretty good today I had one large order so it was a good day.  But after lunch as the heat increased business slacked.
Josh, daughter and g-son made it back just in time to help me load and then g-son went with me and Josh and daughter went home.
I had a good helper at Aldi with the grocery cart.

We came home and unloaded and got things put away just in time for me to grab a snack and then daughter, d-in-love, g-daughter, Re, EL and my cousin Sharon (who is directing the wedding) met here to go up to a friends flower farm to see what would be blooming for the wedding.
Russell has a beautiful place with apple orchards and fields of flowers all around.

These are the some of the selections he showed us today and daughter was very pleased.
#1 son's air conditioner went out this morning so they have tried to spend the day away from home running errands and having dinner with Aa & Re . G-son stayed at our house and is spending the night here tonight where it is cool !!!
Hubbie spent the morning at his aunt Allene's funeral as one of the pallbearers.

Thankful to God for many many undeserved blessings . Praying for Allene's family tonight may they find the peace only God can give to deal with the loss of Allene.
God Bless and Good Night.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, I know how exciting things are around your home these days --with that wedding coming up... Congrats to your daughter and her groom-to-be.

We were CLOSE to Dupont this week but didn't go there. We hiked near there in the Caesar's Head area --and also to Jones Gap Falls...

I'll be thinking about you these next few weeks... Be sure and share pictures.


JMD said...

What a odd title for your post.