Saturday, June 4, 2016


Up at the regular 7am hour this Saturday morning to get to market early for our spring time Old Timey day.
When we arrived at 8:15 the parking lot was almost full already so that is a good sign for today's business. Hubbie carried all my baked goods in and then went outside to help cook the ham and sausage on the old wood cookstoves. That's him in the tan t-shirt hard at work.

My cousin's band, The Old Time Pickers, provided the music for the event.
There was a long line for the old fashioned cooked ham and sausage biscuits.
There were some old vehicles on display.

And the local 4-H provided a petting zoo with this nice young Tennessee Walker which brought back memories for me as we used to have a Tennessee Walker for daughter to ride when she was young.

The business outside was much better than the business inside for a while this morning.
We had several book authors set up and also had "Tonto", Jay Silversteen's son who recently moved to the area and frequents the market regularly set up with a memorbilia display from the Lone Ranger and Tonto TV series . I had my picture made with him before the crowds moved inside to get away from the heat.
I also had a friend of mine set up a display on the vacant tables beside me. Virginia Thompson is part Cherokee Indian and is known to local school children as "Black Feather" the story teller.
She was able to mesmerize the kids that came through market today with how some of the old Indian toys worked.
I enjoyed catching up with Virginia, who has been a friend of mine for many years between customers.
These two are also long time friends and this old apron was made by my mother for Terry's mom, Veena, years ago. She also had the bonnet that matched the apron that mom made when she used to go to market.
This is a really pretty time at market with all the fresh cut flowers and plants.
I had a very good sales day today even in the extreme heat.The temperature was near 90 degrees today and it was very hot inside market wiping me totally out by the time I got packed up and left.
I stopped at Sav Mor and Aldi on the way home for baking supplies for next week and then came home to unload and crash for the afternoon. I felt completely exhausted and like I could have slept for days. I did sleep for an hour so tonight I will probably be staring at the ceiling until the wee hours but I had to have the re-boot of energy this afternoon.
The evening was very cloudy but the rain held off supposedly until about midnight when a front comes through our area.
Got a gift from Russel Lyda the sunflower grower at market of this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers that just make me smile each time I look at them.  Thanks Russ !!
Also going on in this hot weather today was g-son's last soccer game of the season. Here he is after the game all red faced but happy with his medal and a cupcake snack.
Little sister didn't make it through the game !!!
Thanks to Memaw,(other g-ma) for the pics !
God is always at work in everyday and in every way if we only open our hearts and invite Him in.
Thankful for another blessed day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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