Thursday, April 20, 2017


Ahhhhhh !!!!!  A regular morning and it isn't raining today. I did have to get moving this morning to get to market. Hubbie took another day off to get some loose ends tied up and hopefully clear my sunroom of the old oven and dishwasher that are taking up most of the room in there.
He helped me get to market and get set up then left to help #2 son figure out what was wrong with his dishwasher which he was afraid the lightening that hit his house may have ruined it. They were going to take our old one up there and hook it up just to check to see if it was the dishwasher or the wiring.
He left to head that way soon after I got set up.
Market was pretty slow as expected on the week after a holiday. I am very thankful for all the things I did sell today. I took all my Easter decorations down and put them away. I need to find my light green table cloth that I have put somewhere to brighten up the table for the spring and early summer months.
The pouring rain started about 30 minutes before closing time with some thunder and lightening that sounded pretty close.
Thankfully the rain slacked and I got my Honda loaded without getting too wet.
Hubbie came back into town and after I went to the bank and PO I met him at the social security office to apply for his SS benefits. They didn't have anyone who could help him apply today so we made an appointment for next Thursday.
I headed to Aldi and he headed home. The rain was still falling lightly as I made my way in and out of Aldi with baking supplies and groceries.
This was my only stop thankfully in the rain and I made it home around 3:30. Hubbie helped me unload and then we relaxed for a while to watch what the darkening clouds would bring us.
We only received 1/10th inch of rain today.
Sis-in-law Sandy called and said she got her kitchen successfully inspected today so she can start selling some baked goods at her cousin's fruit stand.
At chore time I checked in on the newly hatched chicks and found a 100% hatch for this mama as all 7 chicks were running around and eating under mom's watchful eye.

When I came inside the weather man was talking about the first named tropical storm of this years hurricane season as Arlene was named today but is no threat to land.

This is rare for a storm to get a name in April. Since record keeping began in 1951 only 7 tropical storms have formed in the Atlantic basin before the month of May.
Praying for traveling mercies for #1 son's family this evening as they take a fun trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte with friends of theirs Mat and Claudia and their son Nic who is g-son's best friend.
Thankful for traveling mercies yesterday evening for Josh and daughter who are taking a relaxing trip to Edisto Island ,SC for a few days. Looks like they had a wonderful first day and she sent me a video of huge sea turtles swimming by the beach this morning.

Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Those little chicks are just so cute. Glad the mom was able to hatch them all. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and your family.