Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Up to another busy day today. Hubbie loaded all the furniture covers, bed covers and rugs in the Honda last night so that we could stop by the laundry on our way home this morning.
He took g-son to school and I got chores done then we headed out again to drop RL at pre-school.
All the big load machines were empty when we got there so we got all the laundry done pretty quickly.
While I loaded the machines hubbie walked over to Ingles and brought us some breakfast back to eat while the washers ran.
We came home to hang all the rugs out on the clothesline and then got all the dried covers put away.
We packed a lunch for RL and IR and then after we picked up RL from pre-school we headed over to meet daughter and her girls at the Laurel Park playground where there is mostly shade to let the girls play together.
Thankfully the shaded slides and swings were not too hot for them to play on and they loved the light house sandbox that they could climb up in.

After we left there hot  and thirsty we headed for Pelican's snowballs but were sorely disappointed that they were closed. We drove to a nearby service station and got some popsicles instead. Daughter and her girls headed home for naps and RL went to sleep on our way home.
She took a short nap then woke up hungry for more corn and biscuits !!!
I have been putting the apple jelly making off long enough so this afternoon after d-in-love picked the kids up I turned these extra Honey Crisp apples into 13 jars and a couple small jars for the frig to eat now. It was really good and pretty jelly.

We got chores done then hubbie helped #2 son load up some buckets of water to take over to his new property to spray the Kudzu vines that are taking over his property.
#1 son has been working the past couple days over there doing the grading and putting in the septic system .
After he left hubbie got a call from #1 son who was over at daughter's now checking on her leaking heat pump so hubbie headed over there with his air compressor to help him.
I took care of everything here while they worked over there this evening and I gathered all my laundry off the clotheslines and got it put away.
We rested this evening and went to bed early again tonight gearing up for another busy day tomorrow that is already full of things that need to get done.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Your apple jelly reminds me of when my mother used to can applesauce and apple butter. Blessings