Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I took these pics on my back home from dropping g-son at school this morning, looks like its going to be a sunny day doesn't it?

Wrong !!!  The clouds took over the skies totally by the time I finished chores,breakfast, exercise and started out on my morning walk. It was socked in cloudy all day until just before sunset.
As I walked this morning I noticed our Kale has suddenly shot up and is ready to eat.
Today was laundry and housework day and a good day to stay inside out of the muggy cool,only 53 degree day.
After I picked g-son up we came home and looked on the internet at toys he might like for his birthday which is coming up next week. He picked out several but one especially stood out.
Brok the transforming dino.

Of course this is one of the things he sees advertised on TV and starts yelling for me to come look and ask "can you buy me that?"  I always say maybe for your birthday or Christmas and that satisfies him. Until birthday or Christmas time rolls around and he definitely doesn't forget.
After his daddy picked him up I did chores and moved some Silkie chicks with their mama into another bigger and warmer brooder box. The mama wants out with the other hens in the lot but I am going to leave her in with her chicks until these 30's nights are over.
After supper I did the month ending paperwork getting September in the books. It was a pretty good month for my business.
As I stood outside with Bernie and Dolly the smell of wood smoke hung heavily in the air. We haven't fired our stoves up yet but it sure smells like the neighbors have.
Thanking God for a wonderfully blessed day and for the strength he gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

We have had clouds for about 3 days now... It was a tiny bit warmer today--but still felt cold and damp.

Sounds like grandson will have a great birthday!!!! He's growing up so fast.

linda m said...

Your grandson sounds the same way my son did when he was that age. He used to always go through the Penny's catalog and pick out toys. God's blessings to you.

Gail said...

Nothing like a good wood fire to back up to and warm.