Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After getting g-son off to school with hubbie, who is taking the day off,I hurried through the chores and was ready to head south to our favorite flea market by the time he go back.
It wasn't as crowded as it usually is on the road getting there but we are a little later today because of school than we usually are.
The market was still pretty crowded with customers but there was less sellers than usual.

Hubbie and I haven't been down here alone in many years. Since g-son has was born he has always been with us even when he had to ride in a stroller or be carried on hubbie's shoulders. He loves all the different things to see here.
We both like this market better than any other we've been too,the people are so nice and there is so many different things to see. There is even music to shop by.
We had a fun day and were amazed to get all around the market,I wished I had thought about putting my perometer on this morning just to see how many steps I took! It was perfect weather almost hot in the bright sunshine and 80 degree temperature.
We didn't find much to buy on this trip but we did find these treasures from the dredgings of the Cooper river in SC.

And these arrow heads which he said he had picked up in fields along the coast which we doubted the authinticity of because he was selling them for $1 each.

Our main purchase and a surprise that they even were available this time of year was these 2 female Bobwhite quails to keep our lone mail company.

As the vendor was trying to get them both into the same box we had some excitment as one of them flew away. Luckily hubbie was able to corral her with his cap and bring her back to the cage.
When we added them to our cage at home our male was so glad to have the company of 2 females. They talked and cooed with each other all evening getting aquainted.
As we came back up the mountain the colored leaves on the trees made the mountains look so pretty.

I picked g-son up from school and then tackled my weekly paperwork in hopes of getting things done early because I have more baking to do this evening from an order I took today as well as my regular icing.
A beautiful sunset ended a wonderful day.

Even with the early start it was a long night and I got in bed just before midnight. So as is getting to be the usual for me I am blogging between customers at market on Thursday and back dating the post time.
Thanking God for a safe travel day and for the blessing of good health.
Good Night and God Bless.

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