Monday, October 15, 2012


Got woke up by thunder and pouring rain about 6am today. The thunder was distant and the storm passed quickly but not before dousing us with 1" of rain.
Hubbie took g-son to school in a steady drizzle and then the skies started to clear.
After chores,breakfast and exercise I went outside for a walk and the sun was winning over the clouds.
The hens were having a sunning party.
And Annie and Flash both had rather lay in the warm sunshine than follow me on my walk.

The leaves are starting to show red but there is still alot of green leaves hanging on.

Hubbie spent the morning of his day off planting some trees and cleaning the cattle waterer.
We both went in to have lunch about noon.
After lunch hubbie went up to his shop to do some "to dos" for daughter while I relaxed in the warm sunshine myself. I keep thinking how many more of these warm days are left this season ! I thought I would be going to the doctor today but my ear is much better and I'm not hearing the beat of my heart in it anymore,thank you Lord !! There is still something wrong with it but hopefully it will get better on it's own.
We picked up g-son from school and headed to Walmart to pick out his birthday present !!  It is a day early but hubbie will be working tomorrow so we decided to take him today.
He insisted on carrying his "brok the transforming dinosaur" all the way to the van.
He was trying to make his mouth look like the mouth on his shirt !!
We came straight home and he was trying to be patient while pawpaw got it out of all the packaging.
Even Bernie looks anxious !!!
Okay this is taking way too long !!
Finally out of the package and ready to transform. Now the only problem was which way he wanted to play with it first !!! Dinosaur or truck ???

He was very happy with his birthday present, evening telling his mom over the phone that he had gotten the toy he had always wanted.
After his dad picked him up hubbie and I did the chores and watched the news before we had supper.
The temperature has been around 70 this afternoon but this evening it is dropping fast with a brisk wind whipping around.At 9 pm it is already dropped to 53 and is supposed to get in the upper 30's by morning.
I am getting in the fall mood finally as I have enjoyed most of this day outside taking in all of God's created beauty of the season.
This is the obit of the man I talked about in a couple earlier post. I am still praying for this family.
We talked about going to visitation tonight but they are having it where I know we would be standing outside in a long line and with my ear like it is that's probably the last place I need to be on this windy night.
I prayerfully give God all the glory for each of the blessings He sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your grandson sure looked like he loved his birthday present. Glad to hear that your ear is doing better and that you can still enjoy being out in warm weather. God's blessings to you and happy birthday to your grandson.