Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Every time I woke up last night the rain was pounding on the metal roof. This morning g-son used an umbrella to get from his mom's jeep to my porch.
As we headed out to school at 8:00 the rain had slacked off and I was hoping it was over as I looked over the lower pasture on my way down the driveway. It had a lot of water standing in it but I couldn't see the creek,so hopefully it won't flood.
I watched the weather while I ate and the worst of the rain has passed with only a few more showers to go. We got  2 1/2 more inches in the gauge after I emptied it at chore time last night for a total of 3" from this system.
I got a load of laundry started before my exercise  and walking tapes.
I wavered from my routine today as I was anxious to get all my fall decor out and up. I did get our laundry finished but got little house work done.
I did get into the attic and got most of the fall decorations out .
My sunroom table is now home to the pretty little gourds I bought yesterday.
The electric fireplace in the sunroom.
The old storage trunk in the sunroom.
The wood stove in the living room.
This ceramic platter is a new addition,it is hand painted.
This pretty basket sits on the TV.
When g-son came in from school he ask "did you do all this just because it's fall?" As he sits in the recliner covered by the leaf quilt.

I feel exceptionally tired this evening for some reason.  I rested after g-son left until chore time.
After I ate supper I felt a little better but still not normal. Hopefully it's just tiredness and not a sickness sneaking up on me !
As I finished chores tonight I noticed some clouds were still hanging around at sunset.
It is cooling off quickly outside as I walked back toward the house.  I noticed a few lightning bugs were still flashing around even with the cool temps we have had on a couple nights.
I'm blogging early so I can get plenty of rest tonight and hopefully get re-energized for tomorrow.
Grateful for the blessings of the day and for the rain which quenches the thirst of God's living creations.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love all your Fall decorations - they are so pretty. And the picture of the sunset is gorgeous. I pray it is just that you're tired and no illness. God's blessings to you.