Saturday, October 13, 2012


Up and off to market early this morning. I had all the wedding and Sunday brunch cakes for the wedding that is later today and I was afraid she would be there very early to pick them up.
Daughter came in about the same time as hubbie. I waited on customers as they set up things.
Daughter helped me sell and I needed her today as we were very busy until after lunch. Hubbie left early to come home and get our new smoker going.
There is so many people out today you can sure tell it is fall time. Our little town really comes to life this time of year. It started last night with a fun fund raiser for Mainstay,a battered women's shelter. Men dawn red high heeled shoes in a symbol of support for women and walk wobble down main street. Here are some of the police dept. who joined the walk.

Today there was several things going on including a BBQ competition at one of the local camps and one of my favorite craft shows. The Bizarre Bazaar at the old train depot in town was where we headed after market. D-in-love and g-son met daughter and me there.
There was a lot of fall decorations there and many other crafts.
G-son was unhappy in the pic, not about being at the bazaar, but about not being in the part of it that had the bouncy houses in it !!

The stop was short lived for them so I made my way around to see all the things that were there.
This old train engine was brought in for this day. I remember when I was growing up that this is what the train engines looked like that we waited on the pass on these railroad tracks.Back then these tracks crossed the only road into town so you regularly got caught by the trains.
There were carriage rides that went across town for a price !!
I thought this horse was so pretty !!
This is one year that I had no trouble carrying what I bought. I only bought one necklace and earring set. I needed something yellow and found a really pretty set for $5.
I left the show and went to Aldi and Ingles to pick up baking supplies for next week.
I made it home about 5:00 again,whew !!
Hubbie helped me unload and then we checked the temperature of the meat in the smoker and turned it up a bit. This is our first trial with smoking so we are tweeking as we go this time to get used to this smoker.
We had some of the chicken which got done a lot faster than the boston butts for supper and it was delicious.
We watched the sun set from the outside patio where the smoker is and reflected on how lucky we are for our health and all the blessings we have.
This post ends on a very sad note tonight as I reflect on my experiences with a wonderful man.
I heard on the police scanner we have last night something that I prayed would not be the person I thought it was. But unfortunately as soon as I arrived at market my neighbor confirmed my fear.
Another man I went to school with ,for a couple years as he is older than me, died last night. He is the brother in law of my realtor friend who has helped #2 son find his house as well as a close friend.
This entire community lost a good man in many ways last night, he was generous,active member of several service clubs. His name is Chat Jones, this is the photo that will appear in the newspaper tomorrow with an account of his civic minded life.
Chat owned a used car dealership in town and last night he was there working on an old truck that belonged to his grandfather when he either slipped and fell or had a heart attack,it's not clear how he became knocked out but then the fumes from the old truck took over. His wife found him and called 911 but it was to late. Tonight I pray for this family as he has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren plus the wife who are all devastated right now.
As hubbie and I talked tonight,I said I am not ready for all these funerals of friends and classmates yet. Chat makes the fourth one of my friends that have passed away since May of this year and I'm just not ready for this !!!
I pray the love of God comforts this family in some way in the next weeks and I know that Heaven is a sweeter place with his homecoming today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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