Sunday, October 28, 2012


As I walked into church this morning I paused and snapped this photo and silently thanked God for the sunshine and blue, calm sky we are blessed with today unlike many along the coast .
After church everyone made it to a lunch of roast beef, green beans, mashed potatoes,corn and pasta salad.
After lunch daughter went to Asheville with #2 son to pick out a TV and some small things for his house.
#1 son's family went Halloween costume shopping for g-son.
Hubbie and I had some "getting ready for the cold weather" chores to do.  We moved all the plants inside and I found permanent winter spots for most of them. I might move some of the perennials inside later but it isn't going to get much below freezing this week and they need some cold weather to make them dormant.
Hubbie cleaned out the chimney for the wood stove downstairs to get ready for our first fire of the season tonight.
The weather gurus are scarily calling this a "once in a lifetime" storm with the size, strength and track that it has. They are saying it has the potential to reshape the entire east coast line and after looking at these pictures of the Florida coast after it passed there miles off shore they maybe right.
This is a couple folks looking at the damage in St. Augustine, Florida above and below this is what's left of Vero Beach.

The fragile Outer Banks coastline of North Carolina is taking a hit today with already flooding on NC 12 the only road that runs up to Hatteras.
 Sea foam covers the pier at Nags Head,NC.
And waves touch the bottom of the Surf City,NC pier.
 Our weather has gotten worse as the day has gone on. It is really cold and windy and the rains from the outer bands of hurricane Sandy have been on and off all afternoon making for a raw evening.
Hubbie and I and daughter went to the quarterly fellowship dinner at church tonight. We talked with an employee of our local power company and asked him if he was going up north to help and he said no because they expected they would be needed here as we are now in the snow and high wind forecast ranges.

Really makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring. The wind is really whipping outside tonight making the chill factor with the low 40's temperature at 9:00 feel like the low 20's already.
When we came home tonight I moved the teenage chicks into the big house with the rest of the flock thinking it would be warmer in there for them with all the bigger chickens. Flash the basset gets to spend the night in the basement with his extra short hair he was shivering already at feeding time this evening. With the way the wind sounds out there I'll be surprised if we don't loose our electric before long.
I pray tonight for the folks in the main path of this storm,may they be safe. The old saying must certainly be true that says "RED SKY IN MORNING, SAILORS TAKE WARNING" as this is a pic of the sky in New Hampshire this morning at sunrise.

And on the flip side of this storm this is the calm after it passed by Miami,Fl yesterday.
I am thankful that I can go to bed tonight and feel safe in the loving arms of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Hope you all stay safe from this upcoming weather. We have had drizzle, clouds, lots of WIND and COLD weather all weekend... AND--they are saying we may get some snow tomorrow night/Tuesday..... Mercy--what happened to Fall?

We've had so much wind that most of our leaves are DOWN now... We worked in our yard all week--but you can't tell it now... ha

Be safe.