Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well it is almost 1:00 and I just now got a break from my very busy morning here at market. I'm not sold out but close and with  an hour to go it may be a possibility !!
I have been busily shucking money plant between customers all morning trying to keep up with the amount I've been selling.
After market I went to a grocery store called Harris Teeter,I like shopping here because of their "fresh catch" section,today I got shrimp again fresh from the gulf for our supper tonight.
I was loading my groceries into the back of my van when all of a sudden my van shot backward almost knocking me off my feet. I walked around the front and a new BMW with a little old man in it was slowly backing away from my van. There was a man in the next car and he said "he deliberately hit your car, I saw him". The little old man got out of the BMW and said I just touched your van, I said "touched my foot, you almost knocked me down". He never answered and just walked on into the store with me and the man in the next car just standing there with our mouths open. We looked at my van and I said thank God for rubber bumpers. The other man said he had better be glad he hadn't hit his car !!!(with a few explitives)
How some people make it through this world doing the things they do is beyond me. I guess I would have felt better if the little old man in the BMW had of just said "I'm sorry I bumped your car"  !!??
 I continued with my supply stops and picked up my Avon order from my friends house and made it home at 4:00. Hubbie was just finishing the mowing and helped me get everything put away. He looked at the van and couldn't see any damage either. I'm just glad it didn't set my air bags off .
I filled all the bird feeders and did chores. The air has a real chill to it this evening and we are under a frost advisory.
I have a feeling we might just get some frost this time so I gathered my plants that I want to keep over winter into the sunroom and basement while the shrimp grilled tonight.
We had the shrimp and some sweet potato fries for supper  and those shrimp were delicious.
I also finished my Halloween decorations tonight.
These are my doorknob greeters.
My fiber optic tree and spider basket with a happy rusty can jack-o-lantern.
Another jack-o-lantern greeter.
My fiber optic witch that sings "ghouls just gotta have fun".
Come sit a spell !!!!
These light my walkway.
Placemats in the sunroom.
And in the dining room.
One of the young girls asked me today at market if I would dress up with her next Saturday and I said of course I would. 
Tonight has been a nice relaxing evening and tonight feels like it will be a good night for snuggling down under the warm covers night.
Thanking God for the grace He gave me today and for the undeserved blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

what a wonderful post. I have been trying to catch up with a few of my friends.

Good success with the market seems to be a continuing thing. That is wonderful.

One of Marcy's home health people brought her a huge bounty of food that would not survie a frost. We have fresh cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and greens. A wonderful blessing from a sweet lady.

Hubby's turnips are doing wonderfully. Not sure they will set a turnip but the greens are fantastic. I must pick and share with Marcy's nurse.

I have placed an extra quilt on the bed. I simply add a sweater, remove a sweater. Hubby with his blood thinners is cool a lot so the heat runs...then I take off a sweater. Today when I headed to town, I noticed I had put my sweater on wrong side out!!

Have a blessed evening and tomorrow.